OJ Howard
Jameis Winston thinks OJ Howard is on the verge of stardom. What’s Howard’s ceiling? It might be the “moon” (Getty Images Sport/Don Juan Moore)

Rob Gronkowski retired by the NFL has a lot of talent at the tight end position. Travis Kelce and George Kittle are superstars. Then there’s a tier below them who are on the verge of stardom. OJ Howard may just be one of those guys. After catching 54 balls for 904 yards and eight touchdowns in 2018, Howard may hit Pro Bowl level in 2019. His quarterback, Jameis Winston, thinks very highly of him.

“The sky’s the limit really, not even the sky — probably the moon,” Winston said, via Mark Cook of Pewter Report. “Why limit him there? This guy, he’s incredible. He and Cam [Brate] really complement each other well. I think O.J. can learn a lot of things from Cam. I believe having both of those guys is going to make our offense go to the top.

“You can’t really stop O.J. from doing anything. He’s going to blow you off the ball with blocking. He’ll run past you and stiff arm you. I know he’s going to have a great season and Lord willing, he’s going to stay healthy and make it to the Pro Bowl like he was before he got injured.”

Howard was a former first round pick in 2017 and seems to be panning out. Howard was much more of a blocking tight end at Alabama but his receiving skill set is really taking off. I’m interested to see how Bruce Arians is going to use him. While Arians was in Arizona, he never had a tight end eclipse 500 yards in a season. Howard is the best tight end Arians has probably ever had.

From a fantasy perspective, Howard is a tight end you probably want. The only thing to worry about is how many touchdowns Cameron Brate will steal along the season? That’s a legit question to ask that may limit his ceiling.