Tom Brady
Will Tom Brady turn into an interception machine under Bruce Arians? The evidence shows that quarterbacks struggle in their first year in this offense. (Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

I think this Tom Brady thing is going to be a disaster. One of the reasons why is because schematically, the Bruce Arians and Tom Brady fit is a disaster. For the first time in 20 years, Brady is going to do something wildly different at the age of 43. Not to mention, the worst possible plan ever for a 43-year-old quarterback. Will Tom Brady turn into an interception machine under Bruce Arians?

Bang on Jameis Winston all you want for his 30 interceptions last year. The man couldn’t see and he was asked to make splash throws down the field constantly. Winston threw 111 passes that traveled 20 yards in the air. Brady had 64. Those passes down the field are going to create more interceptions from Brady. It’s important to remember sometimes the scheme makes the quarterback.

Bruce Arians is a risk it for the biscut offense. Every quarterback he has had has threw a bunch of interceptions in their first season. That’s what happens when you don’t dink and dunk the entire game like Brady has been.

Tom Brady
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It’s hard to imagine Brady not throwing for double digit interceptions. The word on the street is that the 2020 Bucs offense is going to be full on Arians with a splash of Brady. Good luck with that. If that’s the case, Brady is going to throw picks.

Let’s also not forget that Brady is going to be taking those 5 step drops. The ball isn’t coming out as quickly. Tampa allowed the 11th most sacks in the NFL last year. Tristan Wirfs should help but Brady isn’t nearly as mobile as Winston is. Brady was sacked 28 times compared to Winston’s 47. He’s going to face more pressure just solely based on the fact that the routes take longer to develop.

The Bucs are going to be fascinating. I’m not sure anybody is 100 percent sure what we’re getting. What we do know is if Brady is going to risk it further down the field, he’s going to throw more picks. The number of picks remains to be seen.