Dwayne Haskins
(Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Dwayne Haskins played horribly on Sunday vs. the Cleveland Browns. Haskins threw three interceptions, and per PFF, had five turnover worthy plays. Sunday was bad, really bad, but the key for Haskins is patience. It is easy and rightful to want to give up on Haskins, but it’s too early for Washington to give up on Dwayne Haskins.

Washington head coach Ron Rivera had the perfect response to Haskins. He was utterly straight forward and did not sugar coat it.

He is 100% right Haskins has to play better, and rightfully so, the loss vs. the Browns is on Haskins. But, to all the people saying put in Kyle Allen or Alex Smith, what will that do, if Washington benches Haskins, they have entirely given up on him. It’s not Haskins vs. Allen; it’s Haskins vs. a 2021 QB. 

When talking about Haskins’ development, Ian cummings of Pro Football Network described it perfectly, “it’s too much up and down, and not enough forward.” Haskins needs to be better, and if he doesn’t show signs of improvement, Washington will have to look for a new QB.

Haskins hopefully is studying film because, in his post-game presser, he said something that the film does not agree with, Haskins said.

“nah, I didn’t feel like I was staring anyone down,”

Dwayne Haskins

It was clear that he was, and it led to multiple interceptions; here is just one example.

Patience is the key, but Haskins has to be better and needs to show signs of improvement. It’s Too Early For Washington to Give Up On Dwayne Haskins.

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