Jalen Rose
Jalen Rose has confirmed what we already knew (Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

So last week Jalen Rose said that he was one of the millions of Americans that enjoys playing fantasy football. I mean who doesn’t? It’s freaking awesome man! Rose said that he plays in a “high stakes” league with other celebrities and athletes with a $10,000 dollar buy. Which in reality isn’t exactly “high stakes” when you’re making millions of dollars every year. Anyway back to the point at hand. Rose’s league has been in existence for the last 7 years which is pretty impressive. During this time I’m sure people have come and gone much like the seasons come and go. Some of the people that have been in this FFB league are none other than NBA superstars Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Well, Jalen confirmed exactly what we already knew about these two. That they are giant pussies.

Rose stated that KD “got upset and left” the league. Is anyone actually surprised about this? Mr. Burner account himself getting upset with something and deciding to just up and leave? Say it isn’t so! This cant be true? HA sike. KD is that kid you used to play kickball with and when he gets thrown out at first he grabs his ball and runs home crying to momma. Little bitch.

Rose also mentioned that Lebron came in last place one season and decided to quit. Woah, shocker. Lebron James doesn’t know how to run a team? Are you sure? Are we talking about the same Lebron that single handedly traded all of the Cavs and Lakers young talent for his buddies so he could make super teams? I feel like a guy who sets NBA teams back 5-10 years would be great at managing a FFB team. HA sike. Lebron proves that he has ZERO ability in managing teams. What a little baby. He probably tried drafting retired players thinking they’d come back and play since they were on his team. That explains why Brett Favre came out of retirement so many times! Lebron told him to! Good try Bron Bron better luck next year.

Well, my fantasy draft is September 4th and I’m the third pick. Help your Don out and give him some tips so I don’t end up like LBJ and KD. Don Chach out!