Ryen Russillo Jalen Rose
Ryen Russillo Vs. Jalen Rose: A mismatch of epic proportions.

Everybody knows by now that ‘Get Up’ is one of the worst shows ESPN ever created. They are trying their very best to make the most of a bad situation. Mike Greenberg is a snoozefest and Jalen Rose is a man without a brain. Still, ESPN tries their best to get multiple guests on the show to make it a show with multiple view points. Get ready for Ryen Russillo vs. Jalen Rose.

Most of my TV experience comes from Youtube. I saw that Ryen Rusillo came on the show so I decided to see what he had to say. Russillo is a guy who has grown on me. When he speaks, intelligent things come out of his mouth and that’s all that I ask for. Today, Ryen Russillo and Jalen Rose had a mini debate about Zion Williamson. What a total mismatch.

Zion Williamson’s weight has become a topic. NBA media members have run out of things to talk about so jumping on Zion is something to debate. Russillo hits the nail on the head here. Why are we freaking out about Zion in the Summer League? It’s the Summer League! It is idiotic to try to declare what Williamson’s body type is going to be as an 18-year-old prior the actual start of the season.

I really need to know how Rose comes up with his thoughts. I seriously don’t know what goes through his head. All of the points he brings up are dumb. “Zion didn’t make it to the Final 4” Really? That’s your argument. Neither did Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, or Paul George. Are you worried about them too? That may go down as the most irrelevant piece of evidence in a debate in history. Who cares how much Zion weighs? He’s an athletic freak and his size only makes it more impressive. He has the entire summer to get in shape and get it figured out. I’m sure he will be fine.

Has there been a bigger mismatch in sports debate history? Ryen Russillo put him in a body bag. Half the top NBA Draft picks didn’t play in the Summer League. It’s meaningless. Steph Curry sucked in Summer League and struggled with injuries. Are we concerned about him? Jalen Rose is just so stupid. It’s one thing to get a DUI and be poor. It’s another thing to get a DUI and be rich when you can afford a driver. That’s just pure stupidy which is what Rose is. How Jalen Rose has a job is insane. He’s a poor man version of Stephen A Smith with fewer synonyms and less yelling ability. Totally pathetic.