Antonio Brown Helmet
Rick Scuteri / Associated Press

It’s Just A Helmet

Sigh, AB. Speaking personally as a Oakland Raiders fan, what did we do to deserve this? Antonio Brown, it’s a helmet, an inanimate object. Sure, even Tom Brady said that NFL players often feel a connection with their helmet, BUT IT IS A HELMET. At this point, regardless of how talented he is, trading away a 3rd and 5th round pick at this point seems like an overpay just because of his never-ending antics. Mike Mayock, GM of the Oakland Raiders, is already laying down the law with Brown, saying “We need to know if he’s all in or all out.” Translating to every day terms, pick a damn helmet and play football. The Raiders are roughly paying 30 million a year, so the urgency to have him play is crucial.

The Saga so Far

The rollercoaster that has been Antonio Brown with the Raiders now continues with this saga. At first, it was the….unusual story with the frostbite on AB’s feet (Ew) caused by Brown not wearing appropriate footwear for the cryotherapy chamber. Then, he filed a grievance with the NFL over the same helmet issue that he knew was inevitable. Next, he threatened to retire from the NFL for this damn helmet. After the NFL denied his grievance, he admitted that he wasn’t retiring and will try his best to find a helmet. Now, he’s missing practice over the damn helmet issue still!

While Antonio Brown is still injured with his frostbite, this isn’t a good look for Antonio Brown, the Raiders, and I guess Antonio Brown’s helmet. We’ve only finished the second week of preseason, and the gamble that Oakland made seems to be backfiring. Sure, the Raiders were sure to expect antics from the flamboyant Brown, but I’m positive they didn’t expect it this early, nor this bizarre. Hopefully, this all clears up before the Raiders and Brown before Week 1. All I can say is, who’s ready for Hard Knocks?