Isaiah Thomas
Dear, Isaiah Thomas. Please shut up about the Boston Celtics. Nobody wants you. Nobody wants to see you back in a Celtics uniform. (Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Isaiah Thomas: Please Shut Up About The Boston Celtics

I am sick and tired of this story. I really am. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY with a rational brain wants to see Isaiah Thomas back in a Celtics uniform. Yet, it feels like every single god damn day there is a story about linking Thomas back to the Celtics. It sucks, it’s annoying, and nothing makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out more.

Thomas made an appearance on the Jalen & Jacoby show once again expressing his desire to return to Boston:

“There’s a little talk about that,” Thomas said on the Jalen & Jacoby show. “I think the world wants that to happen because it only makes sense. If that opportunity presents itself, I know I can help that team, especially in the young guys over there in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.”

Isaiah Thomas sucks. End of story. Stop this nonsense. There is a reason why nobody wants to sign this clown. He’s the worst defender in the league and only found a modicum of success because every single point guard in Brad Stevens’ system exploded. Literally all of them. Thomas’ numbers before and after Boston are hot dog shit.

The only thing Thomas does is allow teams to run the whoever offense on him because he can’t guard anybody. This is the same dude that got cut by the Wizards and shot 33% during his stretch with the team. Nobody wants you. Give it up. Go sign with the Shanghai Sharks.

Please stop this story. It’s a never ending pit of misery. Nobody wants to see Thomas back with the Celtics. The guy doesn’t have a lick of talent and makes every team he plays for worse. I am asking the media to please stop covering this story. It’s like trying to pretend Nick Foles is a stud. Stop. It’s over. Let’s be done talking about it.