Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas doesn’t understand the fact that he sucks. He gave a laughable quote during his return to Boston #MileHighBasketball #CUsRise (Isaiah J. Downing/USA TODAY Sports)

Isaiah Thomas is making his return to the Celtics tonight as the Nuggets are in town. Despite the fact that Isaiah Thomas has been pulled from the Denver rotation (because he sucks), the media in Boston won’t stop fawning over him. It’s like Jesus has returned from the dead. It’s the most disgusting thing going on in the NBA. Reporters were all over IT and he gave us some laughable responses.

I mean this is just insane. I get having confidence in yourself but c’mon. Since leaving the Celtics, Thomas has shot .37 percent in stretches with the Lakers, Cavs, and Nuggets. The guy was a no one with the Kings. Same for the Suns. The only place he played well was Boston. Brad Stevens makes every single player better. Who cares what he did with the Celtics? Just wait until you see what Terry Rozier looks like in another uniform.

Even in his full years with the Celtics, his on/off numbers were virtually the same when he wasn’t on the floor. That’s when he was scoring like crazy. That’s because he’s the worst defender in the league and makes the team’s rebounding numbers plummet. The guy is worthless. His on/off numbers in any other uniform suggest he was a serious negative.

It took just 9 games for the Nuggets to figure out that the guy sucks. He should be out of the league. He was never a good player. Stop fawning over him because he had a nice stretch with a once in a generation type of coach. It’s annoying to suggest Thomas was ever a good basketball player. It’s a total joke that he ever got a video tribute to begin with. What has the guy ever accomplished with the Celtics? I don’t see any Finals appearances on the resume?