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Isaiah Thomas

(Sergio Estrada/USA Today Sports)

Rajon Rondo: Isaiah Thomas Doesn’t Deserve Tribute From Celtics

Isaiah Thomas
Does Isaiah Thomas deserve a tribute from the Celtics? Rajon Rondo says no (Sergio Estrada/USA Today Sports)

The Pelicans were able to defeat the Boston Celtics in overtime 116-113 on Tuesday night thanks to a heroic 45 point effort from Anthony Davis. The NBA, like no other sport, has mastered the drama to captivate new viewers to the sport. Former Celtics alum and 2008 world champion Rajon Rondo made his return to Boston as a member of the Pelicans. Postgame, Rondo made some interesting comments about another former Celtics point guard, Isaiah Thomas.

As a Celtics homer myself, Rondo is 100 percent correct. What has Isaiah Thomas done? It’s all about banner 18 in Boston. In fact, no other NBA franchise has won more titles than the Celtics. As Ricky Bobby once said, If you ain’t first, your last!

The Celtics have already planned to celebrate Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement on the night the Cavs travel to Boston for the final time this regular season. The C’s sure as hell aren’t celebrating the midget when the games actually count in the postseason. Again, what has Isaiah Thomas really done? He’s the worst defensive player in the NBA and people are finally starting to realize (something I’ve been preaching even when he was a member of the Celtics) that he was nothing more than a product of Brad Stevens. Thomas is shooting just 36.1 percent in his first five games with Cleveland.

Maybe there is more hatred toward the two here than people realize. Remember when Rajon Rondo cooked Isaiah in Game One and Two in the first round of the playoffs a year ago? If Rondo doesn’t get injured, the Celtics probably lose to the Bulls in the first round. Remember when Isaiah Thomas re-injured his hip in the Eastern Conference Finals? Oh yeah, the Celtics were actually able to beat the Cavs in one game without the cancer Isaiah out on the floor. Again, What did Thomas really do? This is coming from a Celtics fan by the way……

The Kyrie Irving trade was awesome and I love watching the Cavs crash in burn this season.

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