Bryce Harper
I Was Right About Bryce Harper, Shocker (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

So remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote an article about how Bryce Harper IS Philly? How he is a tough and gritty player that represented the city and is going to finish the season with a slash of .280/35/100. Yeah well, I was right, what else is new, and y’all can now pay your respects to your Don. Bryce is on a freaking tear right now and its making baseball great again. In his last 33 at-bats, Harper has 7 dingers, 17 RBIs, 9 runs, 11 hits, and is batting .333. Bryce Harper has been and always will be a second-half player. My boy is starting to heat up and so is the team. I cannot wait to go to a game next week. Cannot freaking wait!! We’re partying like its 2008 baby and it’s going to electric!

I will personally be shotgunning a beer for every Bryce Bomb all next week! Confirmation videos will be posted to our Twitter page @media_vendetta so tell your friends to stay tuned because the don is blacking out all next week. Side note, the Phillies are now officially tied for the last wildcard spot in the NL and that’s all we need! Don Chach out!