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I want whatever Warren Sapp is smoking

I want whatever Warren Sapp is smoking

Following a blown tank job by the Texans, the Bears wound up with the first overall pick in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft. With the consensus being that a quarterback would be the first pick, many people expect the Bears to trade the pick down the board for more value. But out of all the potential things the Bears could do with the pick, Warren Sapp has by far had the most bizarre idea.

For anyone who doesn’t want to listen to that entire thing, Sapp claims that he’s heard that the Bears are going to package Justin Fields to get more pieces and draft Bryce Young. Yes, you read that right, he thinks the Bears are going to trade Fields.

Now, Sapp claims that he has been hearing this everywhere within Florida. My only question is, where on Earth he is hearing this? Maybe the stuff he’s smoking is causing him to hear voices because this just makes no sense.

Fields still has work to do as a pure passer and is far from a perfect player, but he was the lone bright spot in an offense that, frankly, sucked. Moving on from Fields and bringing in Young would just put the latter in the same, crappy situation.

It would largely benefit the Bears to trade down from one for more picks in the first to try and surround Fields with some talent. This is the closest the Bears have ever been to having their franchise guy and moving away from him would be a huge mistake.

But who knows, maybe Sapp has some secret insight that nobody else within the league has. I very much doubt it and think he is just trying to stay relevant within the world of sports media.

The Bears have made quite a few questionable decisions in recent years, but to trade Justin Fields would probably be the stupidest of all. You would be ignoring the real issue of this team, which is practically every position besides quarterback.

Fields was literally the only thing that made this offense work. To go and trade him just when he started showing signs would be a middle finger to the entire franchise. The city would riot, and general manage Ryan Pace would surely lose his job.


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