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Is the Tom Brady era over for the Bucs? Shaun King sure thinks so

Is the Tom Brady era over for the Bucs? Shaun King sure thinks so

When Tom Brady initially signed with the Buccaneers back in 2020 there were mixed reactions as to how it would go. The Brady stans predicted that he would see great success and the Bucs back to relevancy, while the Brady haters believed or hoped that he would fall from grace and soon retire.

Though the Brady haters were for the most part proven wrong, it seems now that the Brady era may be over in Tampa Bay.

Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King made news for a series of remarks he made regarding the downfall of Brady. On Friday, he went on air to double down on that stance.

“Let’s be honest, man, why does everybody beat around the bush? Tom Brady is the most accomplished quarterback at the professional level we’ve ever seen, and nobody in modern football is getting to 10 Super Bowls, and they’re definitely not winning seven,” King said. “In spite of that, you still should be honest about what he is now. He’s a shell of himself. Especially when he’s encountered with pressure.”

Quote via Sports Illustrated

But King didn’t stop there, continuing to defend his position.

“From start to finish, he’s not the same player,” King said. “Age is undefeated. If you watch Tom Brady play, when he is under pressure and duress, he is completely out of whack. That’s just the reality of it.”  

Quote Via Sports Illustrated

While King’s words may be harsh, there is unfortunately — to me at least — some truth behind them. As King put it, “The truth doesn’t have emotions, it’s just the truth.” And for Brady, it’s starting to look like he’s at the end of the line.

Now, he wasn’t horrible this past year, tossing 25 touchdowns to nine interceptions and 4,694 yards with a 66.8 completion percentage. But when watching Brady over this season, it was clear to see that he has lost a step. It’s not too difficult to see why.

Along with being 45 years old in one of the most physically demanding sports on earth, Brady spent a large part of the season dealing with his divorce from Gisele Bündchen, which seemed to have a bigger impact on him than many people expected.

It was a season in which Brady was dealing with a lot of off-field issues, and it surely impacted his play, alongside the physical toll this sport has to be taking on him.

Father time is undefeated, and while Brady has done better than most at fending him off. It seems like he is finally coming to finish the job.

What is next for Brady?

Honestly, I’m not 100 percent sure what Tom Brady will do. The easy answer seems like retirement, but we’ve been fooled by that before. I think in terms of his legacy it would benefit him to retire now. He is already the most accomplished player of all time and is widely considered to be the GOAT.

He even went out and proved his pure greatness in winning his last ring away from Bill Belichick with the Bucs. Brady has nothing left to prove to anyone and there is no reason for him to continue playing and ruin the image so many of us had of him in his “prime.”

Shaun King may have been a bit harsh toward Tom Brady, but his words again did hold some truth to them and should be taken into account by any team interested in signing him. If Brady does retire, he will go down as arguably the greatest of all time and I, for one, am glad I got to grow up watching him.


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