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Matthew McConaughey’s book Greenlights caught my attention more than any book has in a while. Love him, hate him, like him only a little, or don’t know who he is, the journey you go on throughout his adventures in the story of his life is captivating as a whole.

There are ups and downs, trials and tribulations. He finds a way to motivate you through his life experiences and stuff he jotted down from age 15 to age 50. This is his first book, and it is an autobiography. Essentially, he is an oscar-winning actor from a normal background. He found some good opportunities along the way and worked hard not only at what he loved but also by growing his own self-worth.

I was not crazy about McConaughey as a whole, but his book seemed appealing. Once I started reading I didn’t stop. I finished the book in three days. I was able to relate and also just sit there and be like wow. Sure he is successful now but it wasn’t always that way.

On this journey you will go from rural Texas to Peru, Jungles of Africa, North Ireland, the no speed limit parts of Europe, and elsewhere like Australia, and Montana, and of course, Hollywood.

If you don’t know much about who he is, or even if you make sure to watch a few of his films including his first film Dazed and Confused. In the film, he had a very small role but the impact was big he turned that one opportunity into more and it didn’t come easily. A time to kill also proved to be a big opportunity as it is most likely the film that put him on the main scene. If you like Rom-Coms definitely check out the wedding planner, and for something serious and award-worthy checkout Dallas Buyers Club, The Lincoln Lawyer, or the short series True Detective.

Matthew McConaughey has managed to coin many phrases over the years, if nothing else those keep him relevant. McConaughey of course is the guy you see or hear in all of the Lincoln commercials.

McConaughey doesn’t hide any secrets in this book he entails many details about an assortment of things. The man is different in some ways but the same in others; the resilence of his work is there. He proves if you put your mind to it you can do it. He is very articulate with his words which makes you want to read more it’s gripping a real experience.

Matthew McConaughey’s book Greenlights is a must-read. The book will take you through poetry, travel, bumper stickers, and life-changing moments. It is important to understand green lights are not only on the road but everywhere you exist in life. Search for the green lights don’t get frustrated by the red lights or yellow ones.

The thing about searching for these opportunities is sometimes when you aren’t looking you may stumble into the right situation as some people did with buying stock in GameStop this week or as McConaughey did when he found his wife.

A thing I like about the book is a good amount of the proceeds are going to the Just Keep Living Foundation. The foundation started by McConaughey was created to help high school kids and at-risk teens are provided with all the necessary resources to be successful.

McConaughey while still doing work in Hollywood, is also a professor at his alma mater, the University of Texas. He has worked on many shows and movies over the years but always did one important thing, that’s betting on himself. Go Purchase Matthew McConaughey’s book Greenlights!

Also check out the episode of Russel Wilson’s podcast Dangertalk, where McConaughey is the featured guest.

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