Salena + Chef
Selena + Chef HBO Max Review! The Selena Gomez cooking show is amazing and 100 percent worth the watch. (HBO Max)

Selena + Chef HBO Max Review

Stop whatever you’re doing, get an HBO Max subscription, and binge watch Selena Gomez’s cooking show. If there is anything good to come out of the quarantine world, it’s Selena’s cooking show. Selena + Chef on HBO Max is a fantastic show.

The concept of the show is Selena Gomez is learning how to cook. Salena has absolutely no idea what shes doing to the point where you’re concerned she might cut her fingers off. The point being, the show is funny. Is not some bs cooking show. We’re here to see all the trainwrecks.

I used to watch cookie shows all the time. Most bore me to death. Some people are just more watchable than others. I could sit and watch Anthony Bourdain all day. Salena has her own vibe but I could binge these nonstop.

Let’s also point out that the food looks amazing. Selena has well known chefs on the show creating great meals. Everything looks delicious and it makes you feel like you can create the dishes yourself. The interactions between the chefs and her are also funny.

Let’s also point out you’re not just watching a good cooking show. You’re also supporting a great cause. After every episode, Selena donates $10,000 to a charity of the chef’s choice. She is an incredible person on top of it all. Watch the show so she can continue to produce more episodes and donate to great platforms.

Selena Gomez gets 5 stars for this one. She’s perfect for this role and there’s enough spark to enjoy the show. There’s even a guest appearance from Taylor Swift and a full blown fire. That’s all the spoilers you’re getting. Just watch the show and thank me later.