2019 NFL Draft
The 2019 NFL Draft is here. Which 5 prospects are a lock to flop. Paying a top ten pick for TJ Hockenson is bad decision waiting to happen (Matthew Putney/AP)

The 2019 NFL Draft is finally here. While teams across the league are filled with excitement, at least a handful will essentially fire people after today. The NFL Draft shapes the future of any franchise. Some teams come out better. Some teams will come out worse. Let’s focus on the players teams should avoid on draft day. Who are the 5 guaranteed busts during the 2019 NFL Draft?

5: Yodney Cajuste (West Virginia)

Yodney Cajuste was getting first round hype during the season. Those expectations have come crashing down to earth. Now he’s expected to get picked in the middle rounds. Don’t even waste your time. Go back and rewatch the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine. His feet are horrendous. That’s a no for me, dog.

4: JJ Arcega-Whiteside (Stanford)

The hype around JJ Arcega-Whiteside has never made any sense. He’s a 6-foot-3 jump ball receiver. That’s it. There’s a reason why he didn’t run at the combine. The Stanford receiver is slow. No real route running ability. His entire game is build around jumping up to grab the 50/50 balls. That may work in the Pac 12 but it sure as hell isn’t working in the NFL. Arcega-Whiteside has one pitch. The problem is his one pitch is probably the worst trait he could pick from. No thanks.

3: Daniel Jones (Duke)

I went from liking Daniel Jones to hating him. I’ll explain what I mean by that. Early in the season, Jones was a bit of an unknown. I thought of him as an interesting 4th round developmental guy that could turn into something more. In the weeks to come, Jones started getting round one hype. That’s a major reach. Now things are getting more out of control. Giants general manager, Dave Gettleman is essentially foaming at the mouth to select Jones at pick 6 or 17. The headline on that one would be ‘Giant mistake’. Everything about Jones just screams average. He has no elite traits. Best case scenario, Jones is a bottom tier starting quarterback. Either way, not good.

2: Ryan Finley (NC State)

Here’s another quarterback that is getting too much love. The only difference here is Ryan Finley just flat out sucks. While Daniel Jones is average, Finley is worthless. You’re better off throwing that draft pick in the trash. Finley by far has the worst arm strength in the class. I’m convinced a 5-year-old can throw the ball further. When you have such bad arm strength that the ball barely makes it to the receiver, that ensures Finley won’t make it. You can just click this link too in case you want to actually see how bad this guy is. If any draft expert tries to sell you on Finley, bet him on the spot.

1: TJ Hockenson (Iowa)

I don’t necessarily hate TJ Hockenson but this is crazy. Taking a tight end in the top ten is a fool’s prophecy. Name the last tight end to get drafted in the top 10 and have it work out? There isn’t a single example. Now teams want to risk it all on a tight end that lacks top end explosion? Total lunacy. I can promise you that he isn’t close to George Kittle and Kittle went in the 5th round. I think Irv Smith Jr. is the best tight end in the class but let’s say I’m wrong. The price that you will pay for Hockenson certainly will not make up the difference between him, Smith, or Noah Fant. Hockenson belonging in the top ten is the dumbest take on the draft right now.