George Kittle
(Tony Avelar/Associated Press)

George Kittle backs his quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. One season after the San Francisco 49ers reached the Super Bowl the wheels have fallen off the Jimmy G train. Almost the entire roster was decimated early in the season against the Jets. However, despite all the injuries Jimmy G has been under scrutiny from the media and the front office.

Kittle has shot down the talk and continues to have his teammates back.

I still believe in Jimmy G, Kittle said, I think we can win a Super Bowl with him. I think he’s a fantastic quarterback,” Kittle said, according to Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager.

George Kittle

The Niners Have Already Been Looking For An Upgrade.

The Niners were one of the teams that had inquired about Matthew Stafford before he was traded to the Rams. The biggest thing is can the Niners win with Jimmy G? Earlier this season, I was crazy to say Nick Mullens was better. Of course, I chose to not die on that mountain.

Truthfully, it is highly unfair to Jimmy and the Niners if you were to judge them based on this past season. The 49ers dealt with way too many injuries to compete. However, it is fair to question if Jimmy G can stay on the field? Jimmy was hurt on two separate occasions last season. Then in the 2018-19 season saw Jimmy suffer an ACL tear. You can, however, question Jimmy’s health which hasn’t been great the past few seasons.

Nevertheless, Kittle is one of the most real guys on any given football field. It’s nice to see some loyalty in today’s game. Kittle has had his break out years with Jimmy G under center. So it’s not that crazy to see Kittle have Jimmy’s back.

However, the future in San Fran is uncertain. Should the Niners move on from Jimmy they better win because he is beloved in the locker room. Also, you do not want to piss off your best offensive weapon.