Freddie Kitchens
Freddie Kitchens will fire you if you leak information to the media. The Browns might actually be turning things around. (Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Cleveland Browns look like they are actually turning it around for the first time in my life. The overall roster that Cleveland has put together should be good enough to win the division. It also looks like they have a real head coach too. We know how big of a clown Hue Jackson was. Freddie Kitchens isn’t putting up with any B.S. from his staff.

The days of leaking information to the media are over. Kitchens says he will fire any staff member who gets caught:

“The days of inside information and the days of unnamed sources and stuff like that have ended. So you’re not going to get information like that, ever. Anybody. And if I ever see it, they’re fired. Immediately. That’s the way we’re running this organization,” Kitchens said.

One guy who did get the axe in Cleveland was former line coach, Bob Wylie. It wasn’t because he was leaking. Wylie was critical of the Browns decision to hire Kitchens stating that he thought the team should have kept Gregg Williams as head coach. Something I vehemently disagree with. Who the hell thinks Gregg Williams would be a capable head coach? He couldn’t even run the defense properly.

This reminds me of when Adam Schefter had that report about Condoleezza Rice. That was 100 percent a way to sniff out the rat in the building. I bet this is what happened. John Dorsey gave a different name to every employee. This way he knew who the rat was. Whoever told Schefter about Rice got fired too.

This is a big step for Cleveland. I didn’t think they had this in them. It feels very Clipper like. Sign Kawhi Leonard and trade for Paul George. Zero leaks about it until it was official. Freddie Kitchens may have what it takes to be a solid head coach after all.