Baker Mayfield
Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens praised Baker Mayfield’s work ethic (AP Photo/David Richard)

It’s one thing to win a few games when no one expects you to. It’s another to win a bunch of games when expectations are high. That’s exactly the position the Cleveland Browns are in. There is no excuse when it comes to talent. The Browns have the best talent in the AFC North. There’s zero reason why they shouldn’t win the division.

Head coach Freddie Kitchens praised his quarterback’s work ethic to make sure the Browns reach those expectations:

“Baker works his tail off in everything he does and it’s no different this year than it was last year,” Kitchens said. “I think he’s getting more decisive with his decisions that he’s making, which is a good thing for a quarterback. You want quarterbacks to play as fast as possible and I think he’s getting to that point.”

It’s a good thing that Baker is working hard because it doesn’t appear that Odell Beckham is. I don’t care that he skipped OTA’s but it also appears that he has no interest in practice. OBJ is already getting days off. Must be nice.

It’s also good to hear that Baker is actually doing a lot of work on the field. The only thing I see is him doing is mouthing off to Colin Cowherd on Twitter. What franchise quarterback has time for that? I can’t name another one. All I know is the Browns should win the AFC North. If they don’t, the blame will fall on Freddie Kitchens for being a lame duck head coach and or Baker Mayfield for not taking a leap in year 2. For the record, I’m pulling for Mayfield to do well. It’s impossible not to respect the way he plays the game.