Frank Reich Jacoby Brissett
Frank Reich is envisioning a Taysom Hill type role for Jacoby Brissett and I’m calling bullshit. Brissett is not a good enough athlete to pull this off. (Jenna Watson/Indy Star)

Philip Rivers is going to be the Colts Week 1 starting quarterback in 2020. Jacob Eason was picked in the 4th round as a long term development quarterback. So where does that leave Jacoby Brissett? Frank Reich doesn’t just want Brissett to be a pure backup. The Colts are considering a Taysom Hill type role for Brissett.

“You’ve got a what we consider a future Hall-of-Fame QB, you think, ‘Well, it’s hard to take him off the field.’ But you look at what the Saints have done, and not that we have the exact same dynamic . . . I mean Jacoby and Taysom Hill are different types of players,” Reich said, via Stephen Holder of “But Jacoby is a really good player and there are certain ways that we think that we could use him. If we think those ways are going to help us win football games, then we will be open to doing that.”

I’m not buying this one. I love Frank Reich but I’m going with coach speak here. If anything this says Brissett is so far out of the competition that Reich has to say something to pump him up. I love Frank Reich but tell me the plays you’re drawing up for Jacoby Brissett? Is Philip Rivers lining up wide as a receiver? C’mon, this is nonsense. Just like Baltimore’s so-called plan to use Trace McSorely that way.

Brissett was brutal last year as a starter. Let’s just be honest. A 60.9 completion percentage and 6.6 yards per attempt isn’t cutting it. Are we also going to ignore the fact that Brissett ran a 4.94 – 40 time at the combine? That’s not a Taysom Hill type of player. There is no possible way to use him.