Ben Roethlisberger
The Steelers apparently let Ben Roethlisberger do whatever he wants. Pittsburgh’s gm came out with some alarming comments (Peter Diana/Post-Gazette)

The closest thing to a reality TV show in the NFL is the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Le’Veon Bell drama did nothing but cause turmoil. Then Antonio Brown became a cancer in the locker. Finally, Ben Roethlisberger continues to be the biggest asshole of all and throws his teammates under the bus on a weekly basis. Head coach Mike Tomlin deserves a ton of the blame for not taking charge in the locker room. However, maybe it’s time we point the finger at someone else?

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert came out to the media with pretty shocking comments. Apparently, Colbert is okay with Big Ben doing whatever he wants. Unbelievable:

“He’s the elder statesmen and the Super Bowl winner,” Colbert told a group of local reporters Wednesday. “If our players were smart, they’d listen to him because he’s been there. He’s done it. He can tell them, ‘No guys, what you’re doing is or is not good enough to do this.'”

“I honestly believe that that can be a burden on him more often than he may like to admit, because he has to … he’s got 52 kids under him quite honestly,” Colbert said.

“I want them to step up and say, ‘Hey Ben, what do I have to do? Can I do this better? What do we have to do to win a Super Bowl?’ I think that once you win it, you’ve got 53 guys who can say what it took. Right now, he’s the only one, so I have no problem with him. He can call me out and that’s fine. What he does, I totally respect because I see him too many times win games for us and come through in situations.”

Sorry, not sorry, this is a terrible approach. Big Ben is a huge dickhead. That’s not a secret. Someone needs to hold him accountable. Throwing your teammates under the bus through the media is NEVER the right approach. I mean NEVER. Claiming that Roethlisberger has the right to do so is idiotic and exactly the reason why the Steelers are a mess to begin with.

Kevin Colbert – confirmed clueless human being. Confirmed stupid human being. The worst culture in the league starts and ends with the Pittsburgh Steelers and now it starts with the guy who’s making personnel decisions.