Haloti Ngata
Haloti Ngata has announced his retirement from the NFL after 13 seasons. Will Ngata go down as the best #RavensFlock defensive lineman ever? (Nick Wass/AP)

The 12th pick from the 2006 NFL Draft has finally retired. That man is Haloti Ngata who will hang up the cleats in what will go down as a hell of an NFL career. Ngata goes down into the record books as a Super Bowl champion, 5 Pro Bowls, 2 time All-Pro, and maybe the best defensive lineman in the history of the Baltimore Ravens.

Today, Ngata announced his retirement from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro:

“Just a man standing on top of the world with a heart full of gratitude,” Ngata wrote. “Thank you Lord for letting me play the game I love for 13 unforgettable years. I’m retiring on top. I might be finished playing football, but I’m holding tight to the friendships, memories and wisdom I’ve gained along the way. ‘Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.’ Walking away with no regrets, just peace in knowing I gave it my all and had a helluva lot of fun doing it.”

Ngata was always one of my favorites to watch. He never allowed those annoying runs up the middle. He will forever go down as a Super Bowl champion. He even came away with one of those fat man interceptions once in a while. Ngata finishes his career with 5 interceptions and 32.5 sacks.

Ngata finished out his historic career with the Eagles but played a majority of his career with Baltimore. He even had a short stint in Detroit. Ngata will go down as one of Ozzie Newsome’s biggest home runs drafting him in the first round out of Oregon. He loved Ngata so much that he traded up one spot to grab him. I would say he was probably worth it.