Evan Engram
Engram walks off the field after blowing another game for the Giants. What else is new? (N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg)

Not only is New York Giants tight end Evan Engram an absolute waste of talent with little to non-football IQ, but now he’s solidified himself as one of the most inconsistent and lazy players in the NFL. Who does this remind you of Yankee fans? That’s right; it’s basically what Gary Sanchez would be if he were a tight end.

Evan Engram is Another Bust of a Player

To make matters worse, both of these boneheads play in New York. For the first few years of his career, Engram was good when he played but couldn’t stay on the field. However, in typical New York sports fashion, the season he finally is healthy, he is horrendous. And not only is he just bad at basically every aspect of being a tight end. But, with the game on the line and a chance for him to win it. Engram fails in the most embarrassing of fashions.

Thursday Night Football saw the Giants and Philadelphia Eagles playing for first place in the division. In a division that looks like no one, and I mean not a single soul wants to win with the Giants up by four just over two minutes to go on the Eagles 48-yard line. Daniel Jones throws a perfect ball to this piece of garbage, Engram. And what does this wasted first-round pick do? Oh, drop the pass that just about every high school receiver in the country would’ve held onto. Right then and there, I knew the Giants were losing this game.

Giants Fans are Sick of Watching Evan Engram

I’m sick of Engram. Sick of watching this lackluster Jason Garrett run offense look so damn anemic. Giants fans deserve better than this. Hell, I’ll suit up and instantly show more heart and passion than Engram does.

Thank the good Lord that the Giants are now sellers. And I won’t be subjected to watching Engram consistently lose the Giants games with his inept football ability. The only problem is Mr. completely incompetent himself, Dave Gettleman. Gettleman will trade for Engram for some random player the Giants do not need instead of stacking draft picks.

Better days have to be on the horizon. They have to be. Engram, I do not care where you go, how you go, who you go with. I want you out of New York so quickly I’ll personally drive you to the airport. And as for Sanchez, well, that’s a post for another day.