Evan Engram
Evan Engram (Robert Sabo/New York Post)

Evan Engram wasn’t the only reason the Giants lost on Monday night to the Pittsburg Steelers. But my goodness was he bad, more than bad, he was an abomination on the field. Finishing with two catches for eight yards just isn’t going to get it done. Engram dropped multiple passes from Daniel Jones last night. Including a touchdown in which he doesn’t release and stands still while Jones rolls out to his right.

Wake Up Evan Engram

Right from the jump, viewers could tell it was going to be a long night for Engram. The first drive, he dropped a wide-open pass, forcing the Giants to punt. After a gift muffed punt by the Steelers, the Giants offense took control on the Steelers 10-yard line. Who had the best chance to score? Engram with a pass right on his hands. That would’ve been easier to catch had he realized he has to move his ass across the goal-line. On multiple ensuing drives, Engram couldn’t catch a cold. The ball was put right in his wheelhouse throw after throw, and Engram can’t grab any.

Then with the Giants driving midway through the third, he gets called for offensive pass interference. Now we all know Engram is no blocking Tight End, but how can anyone be that bad in the blocking game. Engram got blown off his feet numerous times, trying as pathetically as possible to block TJ Watt. Engram is supposed to be this significant threat in the passing game. But if you can’t block a lick, it’s going to be hard to fool any defense if you have to come off the field for run plays.

Watching Engram last night was such a disappointment. He is finally healthy and then doesn’t show up when the offense needed him, especially with Golden Tate out. The clock is ticking on Engram; it’s time he produces in the ways he is capable of.