Dave Gettleman
(Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

As the New York Giants find themselves 0-3, the clock is close to striking midnight for general manager Dave Gettleman.

New York found themselves on the wrong side of a beat down on Sunday against the 49ers and their backup squad, once again looking disinterested and unspirited.

The terrible play has become a common theme with this inept group of talentless misfits. Gettleman is the reason for this disaster on the field that curses the eyes of NFL fans every Sunday. The pain has to end for Giant fans at some point; the only question is when? Since 2017, when Gettleman came into the organization, New York is an NFL worst 9-23 that’s not even counting the 0-3 start to this season. Seriously, the Giants are worse than the Cleveland Browns.

Dave Gettleman the Man of A Thousand Lies

Gettleman promised better offensive and defensive lines. Someone needs to check his pants because they’re on fire right now. The O-line hasn’t gotten a lick better; they can’t block anyone. It’s a constant revolving door across the board. Poor Saquon Barkley gets hit behind the line of scrimmage the second he touches the ball. The DLine gets almost no pressure on the QB at all. In 2017-2019 the Giants ranked 30th, 31st, and 21st in the league in sacks per game. In 2020 they are ninth, but it’s early; give New York time, they’ll finish in the bottom half of the league.

Gettleman is a horrendous drafter. Knowing that the Giants needed a QB in 2017, he selected Barkley, a generational talent. But New York didn’t need that. All that did was subject Barkley to years of losing behind a Pee Wee football O-line.

Drafting Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones.

The Giants needed a QB, but more importantly, they needed defensive help. Not to mention, Jones would probably be available when New York came to pick again at 17. Rumors circulated the Washington Football team was eyeing Jones. They “settled” for Dwayne Haskins, but that appears to be more of a Gettleman lie to cover his ass. The man has given Giants fans zero hope that he can put together a good team. Evan Engram is a disappointment, the O-line is hot garbage, and Barkley could only do so much before tearing his ACL.

Gettleman surrounds Jones and Barkley with injury-prone and subpar players. They will never look good as long as this incompetent, blasphemous, false prophet of a GM is still there. The Mara’s better smarten up and get rid of this nonsense in the front office. New York deserves at least one good football team. Just start all over at GM because frankly, the fanbase and the rest of the league has seen enough.