Gary Sanchez
Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Sanchez was once a young, powerful catcher wreaking havoc on the MLB. In 2016, when Sanchez made his debut, he finished second in Rookie of the Year voting despite only playing 53 games. Year 2 for Sanchez was met with some criticism as his defense was lacking. However, he was still mashing the ball and was the best offensive catcher in baseball. The Yankees could live with that. He was coming up clutch in the playoffs, hitting the go-ahead two-run double against the Astros in the ALCS. Since then, it has been a sad, slow decline in Sanchez’s game.

Gary Sanchez has hit Rock Bottom

Sanchez, in 2020 has hit rock bottom. 2020 wasn’t kind to the Kraken as he hit .147, with ten homers and 24 RBIs. It was a terrible year for Sanchez as he was one of the only healthy Yankees throughout the year. It is never good to get on the wrong side of management. Whether through poor play or social media blunders, it takes some time to come back from that; just ask Clint Frazier. Sanchez had ample at-bats and opportunities, but he never came around. When the postseason arrived, Gerrit Cole wanted the backup, Kyle Higashioka, as his catcher—because of this, Sanchez sat in Game 1 of the Wild Card Series. Sanchez hit a big homer in Game 2, despite being benched for Game 1. All things were pointing towards a Sanchez turnaround.

Being Benched When it Matters the Most

Then came the ALDS against the Rays. Sanchez did not play Game 1 as Cole had his catcher. Game 2 saw Sanchez struggle badly against Rays pitching. Sanchez was then promptly benched for Game 3. If things weren’t already bad enough, Sanchez has been benched for Game 4. In a do or die, win or go home game, the once-great Sanchino was relegated to the backup.

The future of Sanchez in a Yankee uniform is as cloudy as it’s ever been. Rumblings of trading the young catcher have become louder than ever. Nevertheless, I believe this will be the last time the sports world sees the Kraken in pinstripes. As it should be, Sanchez needs a change of scenery before it’s too late. The pressure of New York has gotten to Sanchez, and he looks lost out there. Every passed ball is met with boos and angry articles in the paper. And every strikeout is met with calls for benching. It seems time has run out for Sanchez, and his time with the Yankees is coming to a bitter, sad, and disappointing end.