The Boardroom
Surprise, surprise, ESPN has another failed experiment. ESPN has canceled The Boardroom featuring Kevin Durant. (Thirty Five Ventures)

ESPN is making more changes. Surprise, surprise, ESPN is admitting another failed experiment. ESPN has announced that they are canceling ‘The Boardroom’ featuring Kevin Durant. Jay Williams and Durant’s agent Rich Kleiman are the other main characters in the show. After two seasons, the show is officially over.

Andrew Marchand of The New York Post was the first to report the news:

Kevin Durant’s show has been cancelled by ESPN, The Post has learned.

“The Boardroom,” featuring Durant, Jay Williams and Durant’s agent Rich Kleiman, will not be renewed after being on ESPN+ for two seasons. While there are no public metrics for shows on this platform, ESPN is able to internally identify engagement and its impact on the $4.99-per-month subscription-based service.

“The Boardroom is not being renewed following two seasons on ESPN+,” ESPN said in a statement to The Post. “Thirty Five Ventures are great partners and we look forward to continuing to discuss any future projects.”

The New York Post article doesn’t give many details but it sounds like the show didn’t get many ratings outside of one episode with Stephen A Smith. I’ve never seen The Boardroom but I’m not surprised it got canceled for a bunch of reasons.

A: It’s ESPN. All they do is fail. Name the last new ESPN project that didn’t get canceled? I’ll wait. They’re all a disaster.

B: Nobody wants to pay for ESPN+. Their content is already bad. Nobody wants to pay extra for bad content.

C: It feels very The Shop with LeBron James. Just sitting around talking. If Durant had his show on HBO like LeBron does, I’m sure this would be a different story.

Durant, 31, has not played all year recovering from his torn Achilles. It remains to be seen what his next project will be but it seems obvious that this is the route he wants to go. Moving to Brooklyn helps that regard. Time will tell what’s next.