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Erika Nardini Says It’s Time To Start Cutting Shows At Barstool

Erika Nardini

(Courtesy of Kyle Seis)

Erika Nardini
Erika Nardini thinks it’s time for Barstool to start cutting shows off their network. Is Nardini being harsh or does she have a point? (Courtesy of Kyle Seis)

Erika Nardini Says It’s Time To Start Cutting Shows At Barstool

Most CEO’s of companies don’t run a podcast like Erika Nardini does. I produce a similar type of show except maybe more batshit crazy. Nardini made some headlines during her latest episode of Token CEO. She says that it’s time to cut some shows on Barstool.

Nardini has a point. I’m not quite sure why they continue to put time and effort into so many failing projects. They have way too many employees. Most of which are spoonfed and only have an audience because they work for Barstool. In reality, they’re not bringing in revenue for the company and are paid handsomely anyway.

On the other hand, Nardini is at fault. So is Dave Portnoy. They are the ones that make the hiring decisions. Their strategy seems to be find people who have some niche following on Twitter and hope that it translates into real content. Hint: If you’re scouting for talent via Twitter, you’re already going down the wrong path.

They also have a very fuckboy vibe. They’re really not interested in working hard anymore. They’re interested in being the center of attention no matter what the cost is. It’s why a 45-year-old hosts a show with a teenager.

Barstool management is failing at their end of the bargain too:

Help me understand this. Kontent Kim is part of the content staff. She was hired on August 4th along with her daughter. You’re telling me there isn’t one person in upper management that could teach Kontent Kim how to blog by now? Maybe Nardini should look herself in the mirror before we totally blame people at Barstool for failing to pull in an audience.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help. I have a list of shows that we can just start axing right now.

Son of a Boy Dad

How about we start with that one? Lil Sas is not talented or funny. This show should be canceled just based off the name alone. If you listen to a show named that, you are a raging LOSER. It’s insane that even got green lit.

Fantasy Football Factory

Barstool doesn’t have a single clue how to produce fantasy football content. Not a clue. Nobody wants to listen to Hank, Rone, and Big T talk fantasy. Nobody. Humor (if that trio even has it) doesn’t cut it with fantasy. If you don’t have real people that know what they’re doing, it won’t work. It’s exactly why Mintzy and Cheah took it over. That duo won’t work either.

Tea With Publyssity

Is this girl even trying? I can’t see how. She has one blog published since 2022. None of her shows even appear on her page. She has FOUR total blogs in general. That’s not trying.

Let’s start with those. Nobody needs to see those. I could add 10 more to the list. Time will tell if Barstool starts becoming more aggressive axing projects.

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