Lil Sasquatch
I gotta be honest… I just don’t understand Lil Sasquatch. How does he have a following? Does anyone actually find this guy funny? (Twitter)

I Gotta Be Honest, I Don’t Understand Lil Sasquatch

Lil Sasquatch is a Barstool personality that has a big following. He had a big following before Barstool which is why they hired him. I just really want to know why. Take this blog as a way of asking for feedback. Can someone explain to me why people like this guy?

Barstool shared one of his videos today. I gotta be honest; I just don’t understand:

Was this supposed to be funny? Was I supposed to laugh? Did other people find this funny? I really don’t understand.

I’m open to feedback. I really am. I’m in my 20’s but I’ll admit I live under a rock when it comes to certain things. If someone can point me to a funny moment of his, I’ll take it all back. Until that happens, this guy sucks. C’mon this just ain’t it.

I’m not a fan of every Barstool personality but I at least get why someone is liked. There’s at least a moment that you can point to that identifies them. Take KB for example. Guy nails that 50 states post every year. You gotta give it to him. That shit is funny. Nick Turanni is hilarious and almost won Surviving Barstool on humor alone.

Lil Sasquatch? Don’t get it. I watch a few more of his videos. I actually tried to laugh on purpose and couldn’t do it. Help me understand.

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