Erika Nardini
(Courtesy of Kyle Seis)

Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool Sports, has been elected to the Board of Directors for the WWE. She will be the third woman on the board. In her own words, “Chicks on the board.”

Even with this new opportunity, Erika put an end to any potential talk of her leaving Barstool Sports when she went onto Barstool Breakfast to talk about her new role.

You will have to pry my dead hands off of Barstool Sports.

Nardini also gave listeners a simple explanation of what a Board of a company does:

A board is to be sure that there is governance around the way funds are used.

Erika Nardini also went into detail about her new position in the WWE, how it compares to Barstool Sports, and her being the third woman on the board:

WWE is obviously a far bigger company they’re a publicly traded company so there’s a whole new level around their business. They have a board of directors I think there’s 11 people on it. People come from all different types of, mostly financial. A lot of media people, some tech people, some entertainment people. I’m joining that which I’m excited about, we’ll bring what I know obviously from digital. They’re also obviously seeking to diversify the board. Most boards are comprised up of like white men. So I think this is a good chance, they’ll have 3 women on the board. Stephanie McMahon is one, Laureen Ong who is awesome, she used to run the travel channel and then me.

Nardini provided some additional context on what her position involves:

You get put on a committee when you get put on the board, you meet four times a year. There’s some committee work which reviews what the company’s doing whether it’s strategic planning or compensation, stuff like that

She also said that this move does not have the intention of a crossover:

The point is to really learn from their business… The intention isn’t to have a crossover between the two but you know how it goes with us. If things come together they come together.

This is obviously a big step for both Barstool Sports and Erika Nardini.

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