The entire Steelers organization and fan base needs to shut up. Everyone associated with the Steelers are officially the biggest cry babies on the planet. (AP Photo/Don Wright)

The Entire Steelers Organization And Fan Base Needs To Shut Up

Is there an organization or fan base more annoying right now than the Pittsburgh Steelers? I don’t know if it’s because their players won’t shut up or because the people we have on the site are delusional lunatics. They are the worst fan base on the internet right now.

Le’Veon Bell was a loser and Antonio Brown was a headache. I’m not even going to go down the road (despite the fact that Brown hasn’t said a peep since he reunited with Tom Brady. Let’s keep things current.

As I mentioned on the most recent episode of That’s Some Cheese, problem number one with the Pittsburgh Steelers is the fact that they don’t shut the fuck up. This is the same franchise that has lost playoff games to the Tebow Broncos and Bortles Jaguars. It’s not a coincidence they got blasted by Cleveland. They’re constantly not prepared.

JuJu Smith-Schuster, I don’t need to see you dance on logos and say the Browns are the same old Browns. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. SHUT UP.

Even a guy like Chase Claypool (who I’ve been a fan of) are getting in the mix with his mouth.

What is wrong with you, guys? SHUT UP. I don’t need to hear your mouth. The Steelers will never be one of the eight teams who are Super Bowl contenders until they humble themselves. Instead of crying get back in the gym to change the result.

It’s not that hard. Mike Tomlin either needs to get these guys under control or he needs to be let go. They’re the only franchise in the league that continues to lose to teams like the Tebow Broncos, Bortles Jags, and Browns. It’s because they’re a mess.

I used to have respect for the Steelers. James Harrison, Troy Polamalu, and Joey Porter didn’t play games. They just hit you in the mouth. Now the Steelers are a candyass organization that just cries when things don’t go their way. A team that’s more interested in acting like a clown that winning football games. It’s pathetic.

The fan base has followed suit. They are the biggest cry babies of any fan base in the league. The Terrible Towel used to mean something. Now it’s used to cry themselves to sleep while the players embarrass the franchise.

Nobody is picking on you Steeler fans. You brought this on yourself. Our guy Karl Heiser summed it up perfectly in his post. Complete and utter frauds that ran their mouth and got smacked when it counted.

I don’t need to hear from you guys anymore. Next time you get off to a hot start, shut up and stay quiet. Do you want to know why your team underachieves? There’s no culture, no leadership, and no heart. Let’s go bust out a dance while we’re getting slaughtered by the Browns. That’s you Pittsburgh. A sad and pathetic organization that can’t back it up. It’s trickled down to their sad and pathetic fans.

The fans are part of the problem. They defend guys like JuJu because this era likes stars. Bill Belichick kicked your ass for 20 straight years because he likes winners.

Give me the old Steelers. The Pittsburgh teams of the past that struck fear into their opponents. Now they’re just a bunch of losers that are more concerned with perfecting a dance than their craft. All of the Steelers fans have followed suit. Cry and whine.

You want to change the culture? Grab the Bull by the horns. Acknowledge there’s a problem. Show JuJu the door. Tell Claypool he’s next if he doesn’t shut up. Start developing a young quarterback. RUN THE DAMN BALL!

Better yet, can we just get one Steeler fan to acknowledge the franchise has turned Charmin ultra soft? It starts there. Instead of crying and finding ways to defend your team, take a stand. Demand better leadership. Demand better culture. Demand accountability. The fan base stinks too. Grow up.