NFL Head Coach
It’s time to bring back NFL Head Coach on a permanent basis. We have been robbed and deserve a new iteration of the game on a yearly basis. (EA Sports)

What are the things you would do for EA or any gaming company to bring back NFL Head Coach? You’re lying if it’s not some dark thoughts. One of the greatest video games of all-time just vanished into the ether after 2009.

NFL Head Coach is one of the greatest video games ever created. EA already ruined Madden but the biggest crime was discontinuing Head Coach. Managing the roster, going through the draft, drawing up plays is just THE BEST.

The options in NFL Head Coach 09 and even 06 far outweigh the current version of Madden. The draft with extra analysis make the game so much more fun. The options to hire your coordinators and position coaches are a blast. The trades are even more fun because they are a real negotiation.

Our guy Jackson Law is going to be starting a new NFL Head Coach series on the YouTube Channel. I’ll say this right now. It’s the most anticipated gaming series yet and the game is over 10 years old.

We need to take a stand. We the people DESERVE Head Coach to come back. Every single Madden that’s released should include a head coach version of the game. Playing Madden is whatever. Give me head coach every single day of the week.

The features are endless. The offseason takes a good 10 hours by itself. Even the visuals are next level. The view of the office and having staff meetings in the first iteration is just flat out amazing. Madden never focuses on the actual coaches in the game. Furthermore, offseasons in Madden are BORING. Give us the game we all deserve again.