Emily Mayfield
Emily Mayfield is a ride or die kind of woman. She blamed Baker’s struggles by shitting on the Browns organization. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

As Odell Beckham famously said, “Players go to Cleveland to die.” History has shown that you have to be special to overcome Cleveland. Myles Garrett and Nick Chubb are players who are thriving. Baker Mayfield, who’s not that talented, is struggling.

Send in the wife to save the day! Emily Mayfield is defending her husband from the haters. Her logic… pretty reasonable. Baker’s wife says that he’s doing everything possible in the dump that is Cleveland:

Emily Mayfield

A: Let’s introduce you to Emily Mayfield

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B: In the court of law, shitting on Cleveland plays. That’s fair ball all day long. When you name your franchise the Browns, blaming Cleveland is as fair of an excuse as it gets.

C: Baker’s wife is out for blood. Credit to her for that ride or die mentality. #respect.

D: What happens if Baker gets benched? Does Emily come from the clouds and demand a trade for Baker? Oh, now that’s a story I can’t wait to see.

The truth of the matter is, Baker isn’t that talented. Nobody who had a brain thought that guy was either worthy of a number one pick or naturally gifted enough to overcome Cleveland. Mayfield, in reality, has all the help in the world with the Browns. He’s not good enough.

Ask yourself this question; You’re running the Browns. Do you pick up the fifth-year option next year? Not a single chance in hell, the Browns picks up the option. Baker’s time in Cleveland isn’t going to last much longer.

Kevin Stefanski has a prior relationship with Case Keenum with the Vikings. Would anybody be surprised if he takes the field at some point?