Ego Lifting
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Ego Lifting At The Gym Is The Easiest Way To Demonstrate Immaturity

Now when I’m at the gym, it’s pretty rare for me to be looking at other people and observing their workouts. That’s not why I’m there and that’s the way it should be. No matter how hard I try though, whenever I see someone ego lifting it makes me want to go up to them and knock the weight out of their hands. My feelings towards ego lifters resemble those of Trey’s towards the guys that wear cut-offs to the gym, something I took a bit personally as a cut-off connoisseur myself. However, I’d much rather be the dude showing off my guns a little bit than the guy who’s way above his head at the gym and doesn’t even realize it.

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, an ego lifter is basically someone who is performing lifts with weights that are far too heavy. As a result, your form or technique often suffers and the risk of injury becomes much more prominent. Essentially, you’re trying to look cooler and stronger at the cost of your own well-being. Simply put, you’re not getting the most out of your workout by ego lifting and possibly even setting yourself back a few steps if you end up hurting yourself.

I’m extremely prideful in my form when working out even if I’m not throwing up insane numbers on the bar. That should be the case for most lifters as if you’re not doing it right, then why bother doing it. I, as well as other normal lifters, will have far more respect for the dude that’s curling the 10 LB dumbbells with perfect form over the maniac ego lifter swinging the 30 LB dumbbells like a gorilla. As long as you’re working hard and doing things the correct way at the gym, I got no problem with you.

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