Is it fair or foul to wear cut-offs to the gym? Members from Vendetta Sports Media weighed in to give their response. Who do you agree or disagree with? (DAVID T. FOSTER III DTFOSTER@CHARLOTTEOBSERVER.COM)

Fair Or Foul: Wearing Cut-Offs To The Gym

Story Time:

For the second time in my life, I have a gym membership. I have not had one since I lived in Jersey for the Summer right after I graduated college. I prefer dirty basements where I can rock out by myself if possible. However, I’ve lost all my set ups I could take advantage of since COVID.

With our company trip to Las Vegas coming up, it is my personal mission to show up there looking as jacked as humanly possible. I’m not quite where I want to be, but I’m close. I can promise you I’m showing up to Vegas looking like an alien. That’s happening.

I hated wrestling, but I was fortunate enough to learn how to lift by some really smart people. I’m not sure I’m taking anything more seriously than I am this at the moment. I’m even writing my weights down on every set, making sure I beat it the following week. It’s great for Trey’s mental health too.

Anyway, I showed up to the Gym on Friday and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Out of all of the guys in the gym, a good 70% of them were in cut-offs. Everybody and their mother had a cut-off on. I wanted to fight all of them at the same time.

I had to pose this question to the group because I just couldn’t imagine wearing a cut-off to a public gym. I mean, some of these guys were legit flexing in the mirror, looking at themself curling 25-pound dumbells. You’re not that big, bro. I could stuff you in a locker with both hands tied behind my back. Stop it.

I’m not saying it should be illegal to wear one. You just have to acknowledge the fact that you’re a big time loser. It’s the same thing as the weirdos that eat deodorant. I’m not saying it has to be illegal, but that move ain’t it.

Without further ado, here are the responses I got from the rest of the members of Vendetta Sports Media:

Milo Coulter:

“Nah it’s douchy. Cutoffs, wifebeaters whatever you wanna call them just scream douche.”

Cristian Ishoo:

“Foul unless you are a body builder or it’s a hot ass gym. But if you’re on juice I don’t want to see that unnatural stuff. Rather see a skinny guy with pride than fake muscles”

Alex Chick:

“Fair cause who cares? On the other hand, this is incredibly douchy.”

Aarav Raina:

“Fair, you can show off what u worked your ass off for”

Garrett Burroughs:

“Fair. Why not show off what you’re working hard for”

Alex Jacobs:

“Not a cut off guy, but I’d prob be wearing one if I had it tbh”

Adam Krieger:

“Fuck yeah let it rip, skinny, fat, guys nips popping out don’t matter. Everyone at the gym trying to get themselves right, hard to hate”

Sometimes we like to give Scott a hard time but there is no question he had the best answer to this. I thought he hit the nail on the head.

Scott Logush:

“Cut-offs in the gym: Fair if it’s hot as hell, or if it’s to a team workout (football, rugby etc.) otherwise, why? Smedium sleeves are better than cutoffs at a public gym”

Team functions or a super hot gym with no air conditioning is officially fair. I have a few tanks and cut-offs. I thought to myself I would wear them around the house, at the beach – pool, or a team function when I was wrestling.

Public gym? Stop it. No. Get real noob.

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