Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. Photo Credit USA Today Images

The Philadelphia Eagles had an amazingly frustrating season in 2019. The team came into the season with all the promise in the world but ultimately limped into the playoffs and lost to the Seahawks in the Wild Card Round.

The Eagles followed a frustrating season with an equally frustrating offseason which ultimately left fans asking, “what the fuck,” (looking at you Jalen Hurts). So what can we expect from the raining NFC East Champions heading into training camp?

Key Position Battles

Quarterback: Carson Wentz V. Jalen Hurts

Dun Dun Duuuuun. Lol. I’m only kidding but if you live in the Philly area and listen to sports radio people act like this is really a thing. It’s something that definitely shouldn’t be up for debate but it is. Jalen Hurts is not in the same league as Carson Wentz (pun intended). Barring injury Hurts has no chance to usurp Carson as the starter. Even then, it will not be permanent.

Left Tackle: Andre Dillard V. Jason Peters

A couple of weeks ago the Eagles teased fans that they made a major move. Eagles fans got SUPER excited. That major move turned out to be *checks notes* the Eagles resigned Jason Peters. Huh?

Don’t get me wrong. I love JP however, I would not classify his resigning as major news. Especially considering his inability to be healthy. Ultimately JP is slotted to come in and take the right guard slot left open by Brandon Brooks’ Achilles injury. I’m not sold on Andre Dillard though.

Maybe Dillard gets better. Maybe. Last year, when asked to take snaps for JP, Dillard looked like he was on skates. If he’s not up to snuff Dillard could get replaced by Peters.

Slot Receiver: Jalen Reagor V. Greg Ward

Philadelphia Eagles Receiver Greg Ward.
Philadelphia Eagles Receiver Greg Ward. Photo Credit Getty Images

So Greg Ward pretty much saved the Eagles season. Carson Wentz had absolutely zero help until Ward replaced Nelson “No Hands” Agholor. I was at the second Giants game. He had no reason being that good.

So then the Eagles take their first-round pick and draft *CHECKS MY FUCKING NOTES* great value Nelson Agholor?

So I’m not entirely mad at taking Reags. Do I think he was drafted too high? Yes. He, very realistically, could have been there in the third. But, I see promise in him. At the end of the day, barring injury, he will complete with Greg Ward for the slot.

Reagor’s end game is Desean Jackson’s replacement. He will immediately come in as a slot guy. Don’t count out Ward though. I think Reagor makes a better deep threat, but Ward is much better in open space.


Boston Scott:

So Scott came out of nowhere last year. He randomly popped for five touchdowns and only started for two games last season. The Eagles have been trying to replace Darren Sproles for the past few seasons. They tried Donnel Pumphrey but he sucked. Scott has real talent. I haven’t seen a back with Scott’s ability to accelerate since Brian Westbrook retired.

Jalen Mills:

Jalen Mills
Philadelphia Eagles Free Safety Jalen Mills. Photo Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jalen Mills sucked as a cornerback. He constantly got beat like he stole something, constantly bit on double moves, and wasn’t fast enough to match up on the outside. That’s not to say he didn’t have an upside.

He showed promise in the red zone. In the 2017 playoffs, he locked up Julio Jones on the goal line. I’ve been saying it for a while now, when he doesn’t have to worry about multiple things in the passing game Jalen is good. Playing safety he won’t have to worry about double moves and you don’t have to worry about his lack of speed. Not to mention he’s a great tackler.