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Are dynasty drafts an acceptable form of fantasy football? Yes, but here is why you should alter your rules.

Are Dynasty Drafts An Acceptable Form Of Fantasy Football?

Look, we know that snake drafts in fantasy football are for children and amateurs. However, dynasty drafts are sort of in a different ballpark. The players you pick in a dynasty draft, you essentially own them forever. There is more strategy involved in this style of play. The question is whether it’s an acceptable form of fantasy.

In a previous post, I technically listed dynasty drafts as a fair form of fantasy. It’s not my favorite cup of tea, but you at least have to use your brain for it. Rankings change a lot from a year to year basis. You have to basically plan as if you own the player forever. It’s not easy, especially since there are many things out of your control.

The person that takes Trevor Lawrence first shouldn’t get to own him for his 20-year career. That doesn’t even feel right from a humanistic standpoint. The only way to acquire a player you don’t have is via trade. We all know how that goes in fantasy. Sometimes there are fair trades, but that doesn’t happen. You can’t count on just trades as the only form of acceptable transactions. There’s bound to be a ton of cheese going on there.

NFL teams sign players to contracts. Keeper leagues where you only control a player for a certain period of time just make way more sense. There are thousands of ways to alter keeper rules. ANYTHING is better than just controlling your entire team forever.

In short, yes, dynasty leagues are acceptable… but why? Adjust your dynasty league to a keeper league and come up with certain rules for it. Then when it’s adjusted to a keeper league, you’re almost forced to go auction, so we’re back to square one anyway.

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