The Dodgers will debut their “Los Dodgers” City Connect uniforms at home on Friday against the Mets. (Hunter Kondo/Los Angeles Dodgers)

Dodgers Announce City Connect Jersey For Upcoming Weekend

It took all of seven attempts, but Major League Baseball has finally made a City Connect uniform that is not horrible. The Los Angeles Dodgers announced their City Connect Uniforms on Thursday, and they will be wearing them in their upcoming Friday and Saturday matchup against the New York Mets.

Their jersey reads “Los Dodgers”, which is a tribute to their team’s connection with their Latino fanbase. It also pays homage to “Fernandomania” a phrase created to portray the passion and electricity from former left-handed pitcher Fernando Valezuana.

MLB Finally Gets A City Connect Uniform That Makes Sense

The Dodgers are the seventh team to unveil their City Connect Uniforms this year. The Cubs, White Sox, Diamondbacks, Red Sox, Giants, and Marlins all wore theirs earlier this season. I love the idea of the jerseys, don’t get me wrong. Paying homage to your respective cities’ culture and history is a really cool concept, but the execution was not carried out well at all in my opinion. For example, let’s just take a look at a few:

The common theme amongst all these uniforms is that they look like the last uniforms that would be worn in a Major League Baseball game. To me, these look more like something the Florida Gators would wear (without the Golden Gate Bridge patch of course).

I definitely wanted to include the Red Sox uniforms on here as well, as they seemed to draw a lot of mixed reactions. I think these are relatively cool jerseys. Do I think they’re Boston Red Sox jerseys? Not even a little bit. The blue and yellow connects to the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Just like Milo said in his story where he ripped them apart, “it means well, it wasn’t executed well.”

The last one I felt I had to include was the Miami Marlins City Connect uniforms. The consensus on Twitter was that these were the favorites. The bright and vibrant colors fit Miami’s theme better than perhaps any other jersey. Along with the Dodgers, this one may be the only other one worth bringing back next season. I was never a fan of bright colors on jerseys, but Miami is notorious for it, so it didn’t surprise me here at all. The White Sox, Diamondbacks, and Cubs jerseys can be found here.

The Dodgers Got It Right, Anyone Else?

I think the Dodgers got it right. Aside from Miami and perhaps the White Sox, I think these uniforms just make the most sense. If you were to look at any of the aforementioned jerseys at first, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell which respective team it’s for. Perhaps that was the City Connect Jersey’s goal, but I still don’t think it was executed as well as it could have been. The Dodgers chose to stay simple. This is a uniform that you could break out for a Sunday rubber match, and nobody would bat an eye when they watch their team take the field. While I’m not a fan of the royal blue pants, it makes sense they chose those to pair with the jerseys.

I’ll reiterate, I love the idea and theory behind the City Connect uniforms. I think if the jerseys themselves weren’t so appalling in some instances, then they’d receive better publicity. I bet Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant are happy they don’t have to wear the “Wrigleyville” uniforms anymore, that’s for sure. Whether or not MLB decides to bring back this idea next year, I still think they’re far better than the Player’s Weekend Jerseys in 2018; it was only uphill from there.

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