Drew Loftis
Respect for Drew Loftis at the NY Post who revealed himself as a credible fantasy expert by releasing an article about auction drafts.

Drew Loftis Needs Respect For Being A Credible Fantasy Football Expert

When it comes to content at Vendetta Sports Media, I let people have creative freedom here. My brain only goes in so many different directions. It would be foolish of me to limit growth at the company. There is one exception to that rule: I won’t allow my fantasy football content to look like it was created by five year olds. It’s sad, embarrassing, and shameful. This is why I need to shout out Drew Loftis because he revealed himself as a respectable fantasy player.

Are you over the age of 18 and consider yourself a fantasy expert while still participate in fantasy football snake drafts? Congratulations… You, sir, are embarrassing. Advance past the stage of breastfeeding and become a real man.

Credit to you, Drew Loftis, who wrote an article for the NY Post on why Auction Drafts are the way to go.

“Time is one of our most valuable currencies. It also is one of fantasy auction drafts’ greatest enemies. If not for the additional time it takes to complete an auction draft, wouldn’t every league use an auction format? Of course, because it is such a far superior form of drafting.”

Now Drew went about it in a more diplomatic approach than I would have. He also left out a few details I probably would have included. However, I’m just so impressed. I didn’t know there were actually fantasy experts in the media out there that had a set of stones on them. Go read his post.

When we have our sitewide fantasy draft this year, it will be an auction draft. For our staff that doesn’t like it, thank me for not allowing you to look like a five year old while you embarrass yourself. OR go write for Istillbreastfeedasanadult.com instead.

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