Leonard Fournette
Doug Marrone says he expects to see a motivated Leonard Fournette in 2020 because he has a contract to play for. Sad that he has to say it. (Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

In the past, I wrote a column that was titled ‘Leonard Fournette either sucks or doesn’t care about football’. I 100 believe that to be true. Even thinking back to the combine, Fournette never looked like he gave a shit. This next story just confirms what I already think. When you’re getting asked about motivation, there’s usually an issue.

During a recent interview with Sirus XM, Marrone basically said without saying that they expect to have a motivated Fournette because he has a contract to play for:

“Leonard’s done a good job for us, obviously. Really looking for the best from him,” Marrone said. “I think the two things in the NFL that really get you at your best is when you create competition and when you’re going into the final year, final two years, of these contracts. You want to make sure you’re going to stay in this league for a long time and the whole goal is to get that second contract. I look at Leonard coming in here as a really motivated player.”

Marrone could be right here. The Jaguars declined his 5th year option. If Fournette wants to cash in during the offseason, he needs to be locked in during the 2020 season. As sad as it is to say, Fournette could actually have a big year because the dude is talented.

Fournette, 25, isn’t coming off a bad season. 1,152 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns altogether. He showed improvement in the passing game too with 76 receptions. He also averaged over 4 yards per carry for the first time in his career. Most of that damage came later in the season when he realized the Jags might not pick up the option. I’m just guessing. The fact that Marrone even answered the question tells you there is an issue.