Ronald Jones
Is it time to label Ronald Jones a bust? The Bucs may have signaled they have given up on him after drafting Ke’Shawn Vaughn. (Kyle Zedaker/Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

I’m going to end up missing on this one. I loved Ronald Jones coming out of USC. To call his NFL career disappointing would be an understatement. Now, Jones did rebound a little after a horrendous rookie season. Still, it sounds like the Bucs have big plans for their new rookie backs while Jones sits on the back burner.

Bruce Arians had some interesting comments after the draft.

VIA Coach, back at the Combine you said you were looking for a David Johnson-type of pass-catching running back. So did you find that guy? Do you think have that guy yet?

Bruce Arians: I think Ke’shawn Vaughn is a guy that can play every down. I don’t consider him a David Johnson. I think that [seventh-round pick] Raymond [Calais] is a very smaller version but much faster version of David Johnson. He’s a heck of a little running back. I wouldn’t say he’s Tarik Cohen but he’s kind of that style guy, that, you know, joystick type guy. He can go out and play wide receiver and would be a mismatch. So also, you know, we have T.J. Logan, who got hurt last year. They’ll have a heck of a battle.”

I Ke’Shawn Vaughn turns into the David Johnson player and Raymond Calais is the 3rd down guy, where does that leave Ronald Jones? Not to mention, Dare Ogunbowale is also on the roster. He profiles as a James White type of player. Both of whom played at Wisconsin.

So have the Bucs given up on Jones? Is it time to label Jones a bust? It would appear that his place on the roster seems safe. Jones can be the backup to Vaughn or even take over the lead spot if he has the hot hand. Yes, Jones had a terrible rookie season. That happens. He really wasn’t bad in year-two.

172 carries, 724 yards, 6 touchdowns, and a 4.2 yard per carry average. That’s better than a good chunk of backs. Hey, it’s a big improvement from the 1.9 yard per carry mark as a rookie. I’m fascinated to see what happens with Ronald Jones moving forward because I still think the talent is or should be there.