DK Metcalf
DK Metcalf is on the path to becoming a monster. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes one of the league’s best. (Genna Martin,

I thought DK Metcalf was a very polarizing prospect coming out. I didn’t necessarily love him early in the first round where he was rumored early in the process. Make no mistake about it. Where Seattle got Metcalf late in the 2nd round was an absolute steal. There may have been some change of direction concerns but there was a serious Terrell Owens component if things broke right. Things are going to break right. DK Metcalf is on the path to becoming a monster.

Metcalf’s improvement during his rookie year was so fun to watch. We knew he was built to become a dominant football player but we weren’t exactly sure if he could reach his potential. It feels like only a matter of time. Metcalf is on his way.

During the first 6 weeks of the season, DK saw  saw 5.2 targets and 2.7 catches per game. That target number jumped to 6.9 over the final 10 games. Once DK established himself and became a trusted target, things really got going. Metcalf had a 63.3% catch rate over the final 8 games. Then, there was the playoff game against Philadelphia. A game I’m not sure they win without him.

DK Metcalf
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Metcalf was responsible for the game winning touchdown and really provided the only way to move the chains. The man could not be guarded. DK Metcalf is too big and too fast. He made sure to twist the knife for Eagle fans everywhere. While Howie Roseman was dumb enough to draft JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Seattle cashed in later in the second round. It’s a decision that will haunt Philadelphia.

Metcalf finished his rookie season with 900 yards and seven touchdowns on 58 catches. However, the two playoff games resulted in another 219 yards. Metcalf is coming. Not to mention, his quarterback is Russell Wilson and is going to emerge as the clear number one target with Tyler Lockett being the deep ball guy.

All I know is I want stock in DK Metcalf. Do what you can to buy him now in fantasy. He’s a special player that is going to breakout into one of the league’s best. Not if but when.