The GOAT of football games.

ANOTHER new series! This time we are bringing you some NFL 2K5 franchise action. I’ve been seeing a lot of NFL 2K5 on my Twitter feed recently, and I figured I might as well break out my copy of the greatest football game ever made. So many good memories with this game. Don’t worry, I’ll still being doing the Backyard Football series. In fact, I recorded a couple episodes in one sitting so I could clear out my schedule to make this game work.

I chose the Dolphins for the simple reason of them being my favorite team and I can remember some of the players from the 2004 season. This first episode is just me coming to that conclusion and showing off how deep the franchise mode is. The game as a whole has aged extremely well and is much better than the pile of crap that is Madden 21. Hope you guys enjoy!