Meek Mill
Did Boston steal Meek Mill away from Philadelphia? It sure looks like it. (Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Fanatics)

Welcome to Boston. Title town USA. A place that just wins. The Red Sox won the World Series just 4 months ago. No need to worry. The Patriots would stop that 4-month championship drought by winning Super Bowl 53. The city of Boston isn’t just winning championships, they are pillaging other cities as well.

We all know about the Aaron Judge boombox. Judge celebrated a bit too soon and the Red Sox kicked the Yankees ass. The Red Sox also stole the song “New York, New York”. That song became the rallying cry of the 2018 World Series title run. That song is also now Red Sox property. I’m not sure if the Yankees will ever get it back.

The Patriots followed suit by winning a championship and pillaging the city of Philadelphia. Beloved rapper, Meek Mill, is no longer Philadelphia’s own. When you think of Meek Mill, you think Boston.

Meek Mill and Patriots owner Robert Kraft are now best friends. Meek Mill gave that stunning necklace to Kraft as a gift. He also performed at the Patriots Super Bowl after party. What song did the Patriots use prior to the Super Bowl as a hype song? Oh, yeah, a song by Meek Mill.

Sorry, Philadelphia but you lost Meek Mill. He’s full-blown Patriots property. When you think Meek Mill, you think Boston. The Patriots didn’t just win the Super Bowl. They also stole Meek Mill away from Philadelphia. What a run and what a team. If Meek Mill was a real Eagles fan, all of this would have never happened. Hell, the owner of the 76ers (Michael Rubin) isn’t even an Eagles fan. He roots for the Patriots because of Robert Kraft.

What a team. What a dynasty. They don’t just win. They also steal your pride and joy away.