Rob Parker
Rob Parker got roasted by the Patriots for his idiotic rant prior to the AFC Championship Game (Fox Sports 1)

Some people are stupid. Others are worthless. Rob Parker happens to be both. As a known Patriots antagonist, Rob Parker will do, say, or conjure up anything that has to do with hating on the Patriots. That’s his brand. So you would probably assume things are not going so well for him now that the Pats are heading to ANOTHER SUPER BOWL. You would be correct to think that.

The New England Patriots properly roasted Parker in a beautiful way:

There are just certain things that happened this week. If you have ever thought any of them, you’re stupid. Hating the Patriots, Thinking Tony Romo sucks at broadcasting, not voting Barry Bonds into the Hall of Fame. All of those things happened this week. If you fall into any of those three categories, please punch yourself in the face for me. It’s truly a stupid world we live in. The New England Patriots are the most dominant organization in the history of sports. Tip your cap and call them your daddy. That’s all you can do. You can’t hate things that are well run. If you do, that just means you’re the stupid one.

Speaking of stupid people. That brings me back to Rob Parker. He really is a dummy. Did you know when Parker makes appearances on FS1 shows, they literally put the tag line “instigator” by his name. That just goes to show his job is to say stupid things to make people made because of how idiotic he is and gets paid a lot of money to do so. Imagine having that job. Getting paid to be brainless. Must be nice.