Antonio Brown
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Did Antonio Brown cost the Patriots the Superbowl?

Did Antonio Brown cost the Patriots the Superbowl? Well, I would like to start this post by stating one now if you tweet me about my last post I stand by it. I do think these Patriots are unfair but not in the way you think I’m talking about it the defense well not necessarily. I’m talking about the offense which by the way is still great so please Patriots fans step away from the ledge. Before I continue, yes I’m aware the offensive line seems to be getting hit by the injury bus and in this case, I would like to remind you that they are still the New England Patriots they deal with this stuff better than any team in the league. Well, any other team  besides the Eagles whom, by the way, and this sickens me as a Cowboys fan to admit this, are the very best at it.

Let’s look at the offense currently out here and this is without N’keal Harry you have Julian Edelman or “Incredelman” Superbowl 53 MVP who by the way is, in my opinion, the best true slot receiver in the league. Josh “Flash” Gordon whom by the way is benefiting the most from the departure of Antonio Brown is physical and still quick enough to be one of Brady’s deep threats. Phillip Dorsett, the only receiver I don’t have a nickname for the Patriots is still arguably the fastest receiver on the roster plus I think he and Tom Brady are starting to click now. Oh yes, there’s Jakobi “Big Chains” Meyers and he’s called first down because it seems every time they throw him the ball it’s a first down and as soon he gets a feeling with Brady he’s gonna pick up big first downs and move the chains. And that’s ignoring N’keal Harry so Patriots fans relax for a minute and listen instead of going 14-2 you’ll go 13-3 it’s fine.

Now there was someone on offense I was forgetting but that’s only because I need a new paragraph for this guy. Psycho Tom Brady and NFL this should scare you more than anything. Tom Brady is the only person you don’t want to give more motivation to. Don’t believe me? Ask Jalen Ramsey and Nickell Robey-Coleman better yet, ask the 2014 Bengals the classic were on to Cincinnati game. Ask the 2016 Atlanta Falcons what happens if Psycho Tom comes out? By the way, the answer is you lose but not only do you lose you get your heart ripped out.

B-B-But Zach, they lost their best offensive threat. Okay, but their offense was already great. This was more offensive help than Brady’s had since 2014. This team actually reminds me of a way better 2014 Patriots and we all know how that ended, don’t we, but we will continue on that in a minute. Psycho Tom I predict will be in the top 5 in MVP voting if he doesn’t decide to just go win it as a slap in the face for any of those who doubted and leave wonders of what could have been had AB stayed on the team. See the 2014 Patriots were elite on both ends offense and defense. Looking at the 2019 Patriots, it seems we are seeing with the Foxboro D Party and well, Psycho Tom and this incredible offense we have the only thing to stop the Patriots will be injuries. If not Pats fans you have nothing to worry about, everyone else we still have a lot to worry about.