Bill Belichick
(Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Declare The Super Bowl 54 Winner Already

Finally, the NFL has returned and I’m sure some people are happy to see their teams win again. Only one issue however we know how it’s gonna end it’s like a movie like Avengers Endgame sure there’s bound to be some surprises but the bad guy still loses and the good guys win. Now after telling you this you’re starting to think okay so it has to be a team like the Chiefs or maybe the Browns because I said good guys, no I’m talking about the team that’s smarter than you and that’s better than you the New England Patriots.

Look this offense is stacked let’s start with the wide receiver core. It starts with the Super Bowl 53 MVP Julian Edelman he’s pretty good. If you don’t think that’s really good enough we got Phillip Dorsett who’s looking promising. I suppose if that’s not enough I could throw in Josh Gordon who in 11 games nearly had 800 yards does that look good enough? No, okay, I’ll throw in Demaryius Thomas, does that make you feel better about them? Oh you want more here’s a stud undrafted free agent Jakobi Meyers and the first round pick N’keal Harry. Yea that’s stacked oh wait I forgot someone the New England Patriots also added this guy he is 6th round pick out of Central Michigan Antonio Brown he’s alright. By the way, the offensive line is elite losing David Andrews hurt but it’s not the biggest deal. Oh, and the weakest spot on the offensive line the Left Tackle Isaiah Wynn he is not just good I predict he will be All Pro in the next 4 seasons.

     Now let’s see what that offensive line is protecting starting with those running backs let’s start with James White “The Foxboro Swiss Army Knife” is probably one of the top 5 receiving running backs in this league add that on top of a solid but not elite 4.5 yards per carry makes him a dangerous back in this offense. James White is really good but he’s not even the best running back. I truly believe Sony Michel is the best back on the roster who by the way only played in 13 games 3 of which he wasn’t even fully healthy nearly rushed for 1000 yards with a 4.5 yards per carry. But when he was truly healthy jumped that up to nearly 5.3 yards a carry and was critical in the biggest moments such as the playoffs when he destroyed the Chargers defense. Now mix in utility backs such as Rex Burkhead and Damien Harris each adding depth and strong punch when White and Michel need rest makes the offense scary good.

Now, this loaded offense has checked all the boxes except for one, the Quarterback position. Now, they’re starting this 6th round guy out of Michigan who by experts say “he can’t throw” so I don’t know, oh wait a second that guy is Tom freaking’ Brady and he’s gonna have a monster year. Brady already had a great game against Pittsburgh and with the Dolphins next week I don’t expect any issues there. 

So let’s pay attention to the other side of the ball starting with the front 7 they’re physical they’re mean they’re primarily people you didn’t know existed. I mean set aside Micheal Bennet, Hightower and maybe Collins who else do you know in that front 7 Kyle Van Noy? Lawrence Guy? Danny Shelton? Yeah okay but here’s the thing all of those guys do their jobs and they do it quite well I might add. They hit hard and finish their tackles and when asked to do the dirty work they all will do it. Now, sure there’s nobody that jumps out at you by name but let me tell you if think that you can worry less about them you’re mistaken and you will lose and lose badly.

If you want to nit-pick and say they’re lacking on a pass rush I’d say it’s not top 10 but it’s top 15 and that’s all it needs to be because of the secondary and let’s just jump into that. First, let’s start with the best corner in the league Stephon Gilmore, straight up he reminds me of Darelle Revis he can lock away a receiver and really make you want to stay throw away from him. Next up Jason McCourty and twin Devin McCourty. Now Jason is growing on me. He is fast enough to keep up with speedy receivers, plays great man, and often doesn’t cause stupid pass interference calls. Devin McCourty he is a true Center fielder by definition he makes huge plays when needed and has great vision for what the quarterback is gonna do. Now Patrick Chung is whom I think of when I think strong safety. He is the “I’m gonna hit you hard and make you pay for touching the ball” kind of football player. This secondary is LOADED, in my opinion, this defense will probably be top 5 in the league this year.

Now I’m sure by now I’ve hurt some feelings and made people mad, oh well actually if you don’t like it good tweet me @ZachBlackVSM and let me know. Understand it won’t help your team and the only chance you stand is both Brady and Belichick getting injured. So enjoy watching the NFL regular season but understand I know who’s winning Super Bowl 54 and now even if your heart doesn’t want to believe it. Declare the Super Bowl 54 winner already.