LA's Finest
I demand season 3 of LA’s Finest. The show will not be picked up for another season and it’s a damn shame. The people deserve better. (Sony Pictures TV)

I Demand Season 3 Of LA’s Finest

I just got done watching LA’s Finest. The premise is these two bad ass female cops played by Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union that just run shit. I normally don’t love action cop shows but this one just hit differently.

Unfortunately, there are only two seasons and it’s already been confirmed there won’t be a season three. This is a massive mistake. In fact, I would go as far as to say I DEMAND a season 3 of LA’s Finest. It needs to happen. How do we make sure Netflix picks this show back up?

Like I said before, I’m not really into cop shows. They don’t get me going at all. This one is just a relaxing watch with a perfect combination of crime and comedy mixed in. It’s an easy show to binge watch right before you’re ready to go to bed.

It has to be mentioned that Nancy Perez and Syd Burnett rock. That duo has to be the scariest cop duo in the history of TV. Don’t mess with either of them. Nancy will kick your ass. Syd is such a psycho she won’t stop until she kicks your ass and laughs doing it. God… they are just great.

Ben Baines and Ben Walker aren’t the focal point of the show but the two Ben’s are interesting too. They have Nancy and Syd’s back no matter what. They go out on some crazy missions together. That four man team can take down any criminal.

It’s not the best show of all time. It’s not Lucifer good but what is? Not good enough to get a third season? Especially with the cliffhanger cheese they left us with at the end of season two? C’mon. We need AT LEAST one more season. The people need it.