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Season Five Lucifer Prediction

Season Five Lucifer Prediction

Season Five Lucifer Prediction
Netflix show, Lucifer, is set to kick off it’s season five premier on Friday. Photo by Netflix.

Season five of Lucifer is coming out tomorrow. Even though they’re only releasing the first eight episodes, I’m sure for some of us, this has been a long-awaited year (especially after the season four cliffhanger). Warning this is filled with multiple spoilers. But, here is a recap on each season as well as my season five Lucifer prediction based on the trailer.

Season One

In season one we are introduced to Lucifer. We learn he is on a vacation from Hell in Los Angeles. This is where he meets some major characters like Chloe Decker, Linda, Trixie and Dan (The Douche). After helping Chloe with the first murder case then he becomes a civilian counsel for the LAPD.

This started the adventures of solving murders and mysteries with Detective Decker. After Lucifer spends some time with Chloe and starts to like her, then he learns that he becomes mortal when she is around. His normal ability to be immortal gets thrown out the window with the Detective. Which, we get to understand why in season two.

Chloe’s storyline with Palmetto Street was a major factor for Chloe and Dan’s storylines in season one. While Chloe looks for her redemption within LAPD, we learn that Dan is not only The Douche but a dirty cop as well. This helps kicks off Dan’s redemption character arch.

Another major storyline within season one is both Chloe and Linda trying to figure out what/ who Lucifer is. Neither of them believes that he is the actual devil. But Linda (tries) to help Lucifer with his struggles of change. Lucifer is stuck between the man he believes he is and the man he can be.

We also get the storyline of Amenadiel (Lucifer’s brother) and Maze (Lucifer’s best demon friend) trying to return Lucifer to hell. Amenadiel is doing it to please God, while Maze just wants to go back to Hell. This storyline intertwines with Palmetto Street by trying to use Malcolm Graham to kill Lucifer.

This all leads to the season-ending of Lucifer being close to dying. He asks God to just keep Chloe safe and is saved from death. But this came with the price of Lucifer’s and Amenadiel’s mom being released from Hell.

Season Two

Season two is a bumpy ride from start to finish.

One of the best characters gets introduced this season. We get the forensic scientist, Ella, to bring us amazing kindness and laughter every episode.

Dan is on a redemption arch that eventually leads him to fall in love with Charlotte Richards. Only thing is, the real Charlotte has been taken over by Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mother.

Chloe and Dan also go on a mission to get revenge for Chloe’s father. This leads to Dan teaming up with Maze to kill the dude who was responsible for Chloe’s dad’s death.

Maze is having trouble trying to find her place in the world, which she eventually finds in season three. But she begins to grow closer with Chloe and Trixie throughout this season.

Dr. Linda also learns that Lucifer is the devil and had to try her best to understand the new reality.

Amenadiel is having a hard time trying to find his purpose for being on earth. He starts to lose faith in his father. But that is eventually turned around when his necklace is the last key to the puzzle to get back into Heaven.

Lucifer, Charlotte (mom) and Amenadiel work hard to try and get back to Heaven, but as always this got tricky. With the sword, life stone, and necklace they can cut in the real world to get to Heaven or a new world. However, this was used to send the mom to a new world with nothing in it so she can create her own things.

Now for the relationship between Lucifer and Chloe. We learn that Amenadiel was sent down the earth 35 years before blessing a family with a child. This just so happens to be Chloe. So, Lucifer finds out that God put Chloe in his path and he is upset because Chloe and he were just taking the next steps. Lucifer thinks that Chloe’s feelings for him at that point aren’t real so he goes off to Las Vegas to marry (for a short time) Candy.

This doesn’t work out. But now Lucifer knows that it’s Chloe’s love that makes him vulnerable and turns him mortal when she’s around.

The season ends with Lucifer being kidnapped and dropped off in the desert.

Season Three

We kick off the season right where we left off. Lucifer has to find his way back to LA.

Charlotte is back to being her real self and seeks therapy for her PTSD from being in hell for three months. She reaches out to Linda who is traumatized by what Lucifer’s mom did to her in season two. But Linda puts that aside and tries to help Charlotte for the both of them.

Charlotte and Dan are starting to have a relationship together and redeem their bad pasts. Charlotte becomes a DA to try and get away from being a lawyer for criminals.

Linda and Amenadiel start to get frisky this season. Even though Maze doesn’t want them together, Linda and Amenadiel can’t help themselves.

Maze has finally found her place by becoming a bounty hunter. She gets paid to capture (and sometimes torture) people.

We also get a parallel story between Lucifer and Amenadiel. Lucifer can’t get his devil face back and Amenadiel has lost his wings. This leads to Linda helping them realize that angels can self-actualize and it has nothing to do with their father. The same goes for humans- they create their destiny.

The biggest plot over this season is Mason Pierce, who is Cain from the bible. Lucifer tries to help Cain die since he’s been cursed with immortality. Cain and Maze come up with the plot of having Chloe fall in love with him.

This sort of works since Chloe and Pierce get engaged, but he ends up being a good guy and not torturing Chloe like that. This leads to Cain wanting to kill Lucifer and starting their rivalry all over again.

We also have the whole Sinnerman plot. I still am not over the fake Sinnerman stabbing his eyes out with a pencil. Turns out (not surprisingly) that Cain/ Piece is the Sinnerman. This leads to Chloe’s trust being flopped. She wasn’t trusting Lucifer and then by the end, she doesn’t trust Pierce.

Charlotte also verified the existence of the whole Heaven and Hell thing. Cain kills Charlotte and Amenadiel brings her straight to Heaven because his wings come back.

This whole thing leads up to Chloe getting shot and Lucifer protecting her with his wings. He takes her to the roof to save her and then goes down to just destroy everyone. He kills Cain and gets his devil face back. This is when we are left with the season three cliffhanger of Chloe finding out that Lucifer is the devil.

We were given one more episode this season, but it was that weird alternate universe the narration from God. It was supposed to be an alternate reality of Chloe’s dad never dying. It posed the question if Chloe and Lucifer would ever cross paths. Spoiler alert- they do. So, this doesn’t pertain to the overall storyline of the show.

Season Four

This season is kind of different from the rest of them. With Netflix buying the rights they did change a few things, but overall, the show stayed true. They do keep the biblical puns and sexual innuendos in there. We are also blessed with a very hot and toned Tom Ellis for season four to play Lucifer.

Dan is still trying to deal with the death of Charlotte this season. He’s just stayed as a secondary character through this series. Only shedding some comedic relief when Lucifer talks with him.

Chloe goes “missing” at the beginning of season four. We find out that she was in Rome where she met Father Kinley. Who ends up trying to get Chloe to poison Lucifer and send him back to Hell. She also has to get over her fear of Lucifer being the devil. Which, does happen by the end of the season.

Chloe does back out of poisoning Lucifer because she sees the good in him. But that doesn’t stop things from falling apart when Father Kinley tells Lucifer what she intended to do.

Eve is a new character this season that entices Lucifer’s bad behavior. She also goes on a character arch of trying to figure out that she doesn’t need to become what a man wants her to be. She molded herself for Adam and Lucifer and wasn’t true to herself. We also see Maze falling in love with Eve throughout the season.

We also have the storyline of Linda finding out that she is pregnant with Amenadiel’s baby. Trixie has helped Maze and Lucifer grow softer for kids. So, when Charlie is born, all of the characters are excited for him to arrive.

The main thing of this season was Lucifer having to return to Hell. Eve snuck Father Kinley out of prison after he was arrested for murder (since he tried to trick Lucifer). Then, Eve ends up killing Father Kinley to send him to hell to bring a demon to earth that could take Lucifer back home.

The last episode is Charlie getting kidnapped by the demons so Charlie can be their new king in hell. Then all the main characters have to go get him back. There’s a bunch of demons that threaten Chloe’s life. So even though Lucifer tried to abdicate from the throne, he goes full devil and sends all the demons back home.

Then we are left with the season four cliff hanger of Chloe finally telling Lucifer that she loves him. But he realizes he has to go down to Hell to control the demons. So they share one final kiss before he leaves.

Season Five Predictions

So, I don’t know who watched the trailer, but what the fuck. So, Lucifer’s twin, Michael, comes to earth to try and steal Lucifer’s old life. Chloe starts shacking up with this dude because she thinks he’s Lucifer.

But by the end of the trailer, we see Lucifer coming back to earth to fight Michael.

I’m going on a limb since this is supposed to be the last season. But I think that Lucifer is going to be pissed that Michael has been hooking up with Chloe. They’re going to fight. Michael will probably end up running Hell while Lucifer stays on earth to be with Chloe.

If the writers didn’t make Chloe and Lucifer end game, then the whole fandom is going to be pissed. Overall, I am excited to watch this season. I miss the jokes and characters. I just hope Netflix didn’t blow a finale season.

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