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I Demand Kyle Brandt Apologizes For His Ridiculous Kirk Cousins Hype Video

Kyle Brandt
I demand that Kyle Brandt apologizes for his ridiculous Kirk Cousins hype video. The Vikings were frauds. Can we just be done with this Cousins thing? (Clown Nose Photo Edit)

I Demand Kyle Brandt Apologizes For His Ridiculous Kirk Cousins Hype Video

I won’t lie to you, I really thought the Vikings were going to win today. Life is about context and today was a respect game for Kirk Cousins today. Go prove that you’re not a total fraud. I want you to watch this video today after seeing the Giants’ surprise playoff win.

Wrong. Try again. You’re not a real NFL analyst. You want to talk about eyeball test? You used the words Kirk Cousins and excellent in the same sentence. NFL Network should have given you a breathalyzer and tested you on the spot.

This was a game the Vikings had to win. You’re going up against a Giants team that has a bottom ten roster in the league. Back in the day you got a bye for being the two seed. Now you get the poo poo New York Giants instead. As far as I’m concerned, the playoffs hadn’t even started for Cousins. Losing this game was a non-starter. They still came up short before the dance ever began.

Nobody with a brain was taking this fraud 13-win Vikings team seriously. It’s not hindsight. I’ve been talking about this all year. Ryen Russillo put out a rant that was so good comparing this Vikings team to the Tim Tebow Broncos. Mitch Trubisky had a real NFL game where he threw six touchdown passes. It doesn’t mean that he was a good quarterback. Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Kirk Cousins is 34 years old. If you haven’t figured out by now that he isn’t a legitimate franchise quarterback then there is no hope for you. This Vikings team was a fraud from jump street. Yes, Minnesota won 13 games but it was the flukiest season of all-time. Minnesota had a -3 point differential (-10 including this playoff game). That was a mediocre football team. Congratulations you’re the Marvin Lewis Cincinnati Bengals.

You may say to yourselves, Trey, why attack Brandt? Because his words have consequences. Because this is NFL Network and people would die to have that job. Because there were likely hundreds and thousands of Vikings fans that watched that video and actually had real hope they were a legitimate contender. People have been thrown in jail for less if you ask me. Forget about the loss. Even if they had advanced they were never going on some miracle run and winning the NFC. Kirk Cousins will never win a big game and if you haven’t figured that out by now… you can’t be helped.

Cousins is not a top-ten quarterback and he was never an MVP candidate this year. Let me show you how easy it is to get to ten quarterbacks who are undeniably better (in no particular order).

  • Josh Allen
  • Patrick Mahomes
  • Justin Herbert
  • Joe Burrow
  • Trevor Lawrence
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Tom Brady
  • Deshaun Watson
  • Jalen Hurts
  • Matthew Stafford

I can list others too like Tua, Dak, and Justin Fields but we don’t even have to go there in terms of the argument. Nobody with a brain large enough to cross the street on their own thinks Cousins is a top ten quarterback. Having Kirk Cousins as your quarterback is an automatic way to end your season. You cannot win a Super Bowl if Cousins is your quarterback. If I’m paying big boy franchise quarterback money to someone, he has to make big boy throws on third and fourth down. This is what Cousins is giving me with the game on the line with one play to end the season. It’s what he’s always done. Come up short in a big game over and over again.

Let’s all agree to be done with this Kirk Cousins thing. How am I supposed to take Cousins seriously when he doesn’t take himself seriously? It should have been obvious three years ago that the only way to have a real chance in the future was by moving off Cousins.

Before it was Mike Zimmer’s fault. Now it’s that the defense isn’t good enough. It’s the Cousins circle of life. Everybody else is somehow the problem when his team comes up short in every big game.

It’s never going to happen for him. You can keep talking yourself into it but will only continue getting hurt. The smart people saw what I saw. The NFL is getting more and more athletic at quarterback. Daniel Jones was the better quarterback on the field. These guys don’t all age like Tom Brady. Wave the white flag or continue to pay the consequences of a first round playoff heartbreak.

If Kyle Brandt has any dignity he will go on NFL Network tomorrow and wear a dunce cap. He won’t because these people are never accountable. He will go to work the next day and convince his stupid braind of some Cousins pipe dream that doesn’t exist. If I were him I’d slap myself out of embarrassment but we know these guys aren’t accountable. Way to go, Kyle. Got hundreds of thousands of young kid Vikings fans to believe and have their heart ripped out. Real hero you are!


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