Charles Woodson
In An Effort To Improve NFL Sunday Countdown, ESPN Fires Charles Woodson (Joe Faraoni/ ESPN Images)

ESPN has the worst football pregame show on the planet. The ratings prove as such. The viewers stopped watching the second Chris Berman left the set. From 2016-2017 viewership dropped 15 percent after ESPN replaced Berman with Sam Ponder. That lying sack of shit Ponder has zero talent but she isn’t the only problem (Just the main one). In an effort to spark more buzz into NFL Sunday Countdown, ESPN is firing Charles Woodson.

Woodson posted a video on Instagram confirming that he has been let go:

“I wanted to send a quick thank you today to the Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN,” Woodson said. “It’s been a wonderful three years, been a blast, I’ve learned a lot, had a lot of fun, gained some great friends.”

The entire ESPN crew is filled with squids. There is no buzz. No excitement. No chemistry. It’s a whole lot of boring content that doesn’t engage interest with the viewers. While the other crew members have not yet been confirmed, it appears that Rex Ryan, Matt Hasselbeck, and Randy Moss will return with the likely addition of one new person.

Rex Ryan is just stupid. He doesn’t provide any great insight. He’s more of a talking head that would probably provide some great motivational pep talks when you’re feeling down. Randy Moss really doesn’t shine like he should. The show is designed for him to take the reigns but it never quite happens. It’s like watching the Raiders Moss on TV instead of the Vikings or Patriots version.

How do you fix ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown? Start by incorporating more gambling and fantasy talk with people who can make it entertaining. It can’t be that hard. It’s just one of the 900 reasons why ESPN is loosing footing.